Zel's Art Progression/Doodle Thread

Yep but I actually like drawing them ngl

fart progression

Been wayy longer than I’d like to admit but here’s the start the thread again and my au ig?

Some things I didn’t mention are
Leo likes brewing
He hates cooking and has no skill for it whatsoever
Him and Iris argue 24/7
His personality is kinda like Nagyunn from the ember knight
After his time with the order his personality changed from shy and timid to more outgoing and prideful (kinda narcissistic too)
He loves shocking people with his lightning magic
He loves sky islands

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Absolute fire webtoon on god

Webtoon so fire had to make my character have a similar personality lmaoo

Here’s a neat little thing but in my au curses aren’t big massive blocks and are instead small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and look like a tesseract with the symbol of the curse inside