Zephyr and Penny Fae!

I recorded the process of me doing it using Krita’s inbuilt recorder thing, I set it so it took a picture each minute and this took 29 minutes so it’s not that long lol.
Also complementary Merlot doodle, probably took aroudn 6-10 minutes idk I didn’t record it lol.


2 best friends having fun until a navy shows up to fuck them up

This was done in 10 mins???
You’re a speedstar!

everytime i mention how long it takes me to draw stuff people are always surprised.
Idk, I also do doodle animations in around 10 minutes too.

Yoo that animation of pablo and a bucket…? is as smooth as a penguin gliding across ice.

Looks like you’re able to accurately gesture out the character’s pose really quickly. How many drawings have you drawn to be able to get this good?

supposed to be a cooking pot but i barely stare at those things lol

Honestly idk. The earliest drawings of the stuff I can find I did was when I was 4 years old, and my earliest animations when I was around 10.
And for the majority of my life I’ve drawn everyday so uhh… a lot I guess idk lol

very impressive. now where’s the 900 page lore?

I love them they’re so fbbsbshfahdbd

I barely have anything written for them :sob:

not sped up idk why i called it a speedpaint but i’m tired

too bad

Jesus, how many members of Pablo’s family are part of the Assassin Syndicate/Cult of Greenwish?? At this point, poor boi’s nothing but a black sheep.

Also, Zephyr~ :heart:

Zephyr <3

So far Zephyr and Penny are part of the AS
Pablo’s parents + Finch are/were part of Cult of Greenwish

And I’m planning a GN one as well lol

I fucking knew it! I knew Pablo’s entire family are affiliated with those two sussy groups! At least none of them are part of the Church of Iris clan.

They’re all too busy liking men to like iris

More GLOWY :star_struck:

very nice! what app did you use to draw this?

Krita :smiley:

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yes i love glowy i love studio gohan’s work so i steal their glow