''Zsrqwq and Qczrz, the modder and the fodder 🤢''

In a small village, in the Bronze Sea called fujitora uhhh yeah i think that’s the dude with white eyes from one piece… Possible inspiration for white eyes ? Anyways in that village lived 2 bros Zsrqwq and uh Qczrz yeah those 2 anyways they were known for being fighters, zsrqwq being the best one and qczrz being the fodder. zsrqwq always won fights because of how powerful his shadow magic was and his iron leg fighting style as well, but qczrz always lost his fights bcuz he sucks and he’s trash and everytime he loses he sends out one of his random npc phrases saying stuff like ‘‘I USE TEMPERED ON EVERYTHING!’’, ‘‘SIZE DEMON SIZE DEMON!!!’’, ‘‘I WAS FREEZING…’’, ‘‘Ok mr no skill player, you won :nerd_face:’’ also forgot to mention but qczrz is a warrior he uses weapons
qc loser ass
qc loser ass bad trash

Anyways one day the 2 brothers were doing their thing sparring as always in hopes of qczrz winning a fight when suddenly! A giant explosion could be heard from across the sea, and some random ass giant legendary beast atlantean and a guy with red clothing on and blood scattered in his body fell off on the shore of uh fujitora island anyways they woke up and started destroying the island and killing everyone, qczrz, trying to be him tried to stab the legendary beast atlantean, but failed and fell to his knees.Zsrqwq, seeing the scene, quickly casted his ‘‘Ultimate Art: Umbral Dance of Steel!’’ on the beast, but he attack was quickly blocked by the other guy that was none other than guestcccc aka the villain of all the doge nation lore… Anyways zsrqwq fought against both at the same time bravely while qczrz was still unconcuioins idk how to write it but due to the legendary beast atlantean being too powerful he lost the fight…
when about to get killed by the villains, a gigantic shockwave threw the lba and guestcccc far away, it was none other than jj25c and his father torren. Guestccc threw a thunderball at torren, which made him fall in the water and uh die again, and then guestccccc looked up in the sky and noticed, the full moon ended and uhh captain william silv fuck this lost his atlantean form and they had to run anyways jj25c helped the 2 dudes aka zsrqwq and qczrz get up and suddenly…! They were all teleported to elysium, it was an act by none other than zeus himself, the god of thunder

Anyways zeus wasn’t alone, in his side there was doge king pat lamina and captain kasamoto which i think all of them were harassed by either the legendary beast atlantean captain william silvers and guestcccc so zeus tells them all to team up and kill the evil dudes.
Meanwhile guestcccc and cpatian william were at the final arena in the eye of storm casting a powerful spell in order to make the moon be forever full so william guy never loses his form ok that’s enough for now bye

guys the next part is the final one so if you don’t want to see me getting publicy executed, shot in the head and exiled from doge nation send galleons

delusions of a rambler

You will be executed anyways

this shit sucks :fire: :fire:, i love it

You have hidden talent :speaking_head::fire::fax: keep it hidden :100::bangbang:

gods hardest story

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