1.13 Chest tierlist

Hey, remember the old tierlist I made? Yeah I updated it, feel free to comment.
(swear to god if someone tells me food chests are better that D, I will harras you with trades of wooden rods and 1 fish bait)


BTW quality is low because I dont have access to twitter (banned by my country) so this is still made in MS paint.(not sponsored)

Why isn’t armor at same level as Weapon tho?

i’d probably move scroll chest up a bit since you can get rare spells and techniques from them, that was actually how i got my first axe slash scroll


Scroll chest does provide those, but I find it too ineffective compared to other ways such as sealed chests. It is just a rare drop, and that is not enough to propel it that high up. Maybe when we get more rare scrolls, it will be around sailor chest level.

Buried treasures can now give gems sometimes.

true, but the lower rarity charts have small chances (33% upon finishing a part of it or all of it), and exotic/legendary have 50%. I find sealed chests a much better way to get gems, as you can get FAR MORE of them and each one has 20% for a gem.

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