2023 Summary

Would love to hear how this year was for you and so on. :grin:

Personally, this year was by far the hardest one in my life I won’t go into detail as to not make shit depressing but I grew and became a better version myself through those hardships and hope the best for next year :muscle:

Got a new dog this year in May, so its been pretty good. Still had some hard times of course.

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Oh man new dog is great :+1: I have a cat but she i more of my parents pet as much as I love her I’m just more of a dog person since my old dog

This year went out good I guess. School still is absolutely annoying due to immature high schoolers who have no idea how to be mature. Trying to get some decent grades with my two Ap classes and honor classes. And uh, still struggling how to make my digital art look decent. I mean, I’m still in vacation. But I can’t really complain that much.

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Got graduated, sadly lost to a person a few percentages or so from being the highest in one subject I think. Had a ball, though I personally didnt like the location chosen and the one in 2021 was more fun for me (though they forced us to do a dance after being full from desserts and food that year, tf)

I didnt go through exams, but my friends did (school works differently here, I didnt choose the subjects that required them), and apparently the ones the school gave were actually harder than the state issued final exams, because the ones the school gave keeps having weirded worded questions (uhh…?)

Okay, so there was also the yearbook with stuff abt the students that graduated, right? Theres a small part in it that lists their favorite moment at school. There was a joke and a bit of a jab at the school when a lot of the other guys put in theirs, they mentioned a school camp that we were suppsed to go a few years back (we’d do snorkelling a lot of activited and stuff).

Catch is, we never went to there due to Covid, and the school tried to compesnate for it but… they were terrible. So people were basically saying their favorite moment at school was non-existent lmaoooo.

I think it all ended a lot smoother than one might expect. Im gonna try to get a job next year, gonna learn how to drive as well (Im late compared to everyone else I know but eh). Hopefully Ill still have enough time to stick around here.

So yeah, that’s 2023, next year is the beginning of a new era, happy holidays!

the year before left some impact on me. Last new years I managed to get rid of some bad habits but I still struggled my way through the last months of school. I passed the year, but it was a very close call. A little before the school year ended I got diagnosed with autism. I spent the summer mostly taking time for myself and I was even at peace for a while, which was a much better start on school than the one I had last summer. With my new diagnosis and some good advice from not only myself but those around me too, I managed to take wiser decisions for myself. Despite this school year being much harder than last year, I’m now doing great at school and I also felt like I developed a lot over the last few months.

A new start on a fresh page can turn your life around, but you have to turn words into reality and take wise decisions.

my memory is about as good as a potato

i cant even remember what i had for breakfast

Learning to drive is really hard for me since the education is so damn stupid like there is explanation for each answer and most of them are basically “it is what it is” and the questions are mostly not related to driving itself but to the rules, yes a cop can arrest thanks for letting me know :sob:

not very notable

Great year. Liked it.

that reminded me how on grade 8 people still thought i was the idiot of the class despite finishing with the 4th highest grade from my class, and i wasnt even that far away from 3rd place

incredibly rough on me and my older sister, but atleast we’re both still alive. been doing a lot of self-loathing and self-reflection, all I hope is that I can survive the next year and come out of this and the next year it as a better person rather than the human garbage I am now.

AO early access released this year, so it’s been pretty okay

Don’t be too hard on yourself :pray:

Took a really competitive test for a really prestigious school where I live in Australia. I started to study for it six months prior to the exam.

Getting accepted was probably the best day of my entire life. (I start the new year on Jan 30th, 2024).

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Started off with me spilling sancocho all over my tired and irritable self as the clock hit 12. Left the party and afterwards was told by my dad why I shouldn’t have left early, how I’d made everyone feel bad, and that I should’ve just stayed there despite my feelings.

So the beginning wasn’t ideal.

The Bad Things

In the middle of the year, I’d lost my best friend. I still can’t get over it, even nearly half a year afterwards.

I’m also pretty sick at the moment. Not as severe as when I’d first got it, but still an inconvinence as I constantly have to get up to spit out mucus with a sore throat and a headache.

The Good

I’ve managed to consistently get good grades. While they’re not all A’s, they’re at least good enough to be approved of by my parents. Though I still do struggle with some subjects from time to time. I’ve also took a summer geometry class, now I’m in Algebra 2 early.

I’ve gotten more physically fit. I’ve got more stamina, can lift heavier stuff…pretty handy when it comes down to helping my folks out w/ house work.

I’ve gotten pretty close to my family. We’re holding more conversations, helping each other out, and overall goofing off together more often. There’s not as many arguments as before, and it’s actually pretty great.

Overall, there were some really bad things, but also some really good things. I’ve managed to get myself into a state of mind that was honestly far better than last year’s. While I still need more things to work on, this year taught me that I can really make a change for the better.


That will hurt me as well if I lost my best friend (the only friend I still have is my friend I been with during elementary). :frcryin:

Hope you overcome this, albeit it may be difficult, but keep on going strong! :nod:

Edit: oops minor typos and grammar here.

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nothing all too notable outside of gaming, so i’ll list some stuff thats happened for me.

I bought dmc3 and fell in love with it, then bought dmc5 as well.

Got into 2d fighting games (At the moment Guilty Gear Strive and UMVC3)

Started playing decaying winter and obtained the mastery challenge for every perk in it, as well as tier 13 currently

Got 1 million total points in item asylum (And quit shortly after)

Bought Risk Of Rain 2, best game I’ve ever played. please play it if you can.

Currently, the only game i play a ton on roblox anymore is Allusions, which is probably my favorite game on the platform and never will be topped for me.

That’s my 2023 in a nutshell, nothing too crazy.

i also started watching jjba im on part 5 rn