3v1 gg ez


i know im really bad at pvp but what the fuck thats beyond bad at pvp :skull:


Infamy moment

I always see you in game but never recognized you. I hover over your guild and am like “okay, rookie guild, guy must be pretty serious” but never anything more. I’ll try to keep your name in mind next time.

Maybe I’m not so bad as i thought i was.

Yeah im the only active person in torna so im probably the only one you’ll ever see

literal garbage :skull:

good on you bro kids like that shouldn’t even be in a guild lmao

Ikr, I asked one of those bozos for a 1v1 and then when i got him low the other two popped out and i just started laughing lmfao

Just curious what build you using?

(Also rip bozos)

Im bad at pvp but jesus christ they are terrible, almost makes me seem decent

LOL, that actually happened to me once. I murked both of them.

Full powerful wizard armor, powerful power amulet dull and hard defense amulet dull

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I would like to pose the idea that a 3v1 against 2 skilled users and 1 really bad user, is much easier than a 2v1 against 2 skilled players because bad users will get killed and cause the alone player to heal.

Yes it takes skill, and your aim was good here, but the explosion guy kept using multis or self explosion to hold themselves still for you to hit and the other two ran, idk if i can consider who you 3v1d some difficult matchup. And while yes you could say you mixed up your movement to not get hit, i think taking only damage from a self explsoion once in a 3v1 just shows that they has garbage aim more than anything.

Dang bro they must be the smartest players
Wom moment

Dang, I just lost my title for the worst PvPer ever. :sob:

still not as bad as that guild i 4v1’d, i always think im below mediocre at pvp but people who suck as bad as this make me feel like im god of wom lmfao

3v1 doge nation

This wasn’t meant to be a skill flex lmfao

Im also not sure what you meant by this

Doubt I could, But it’d depend on which members