5k crowns for Oatheeper

I want oathkeeper badly. Willing to give 5k.

sorry, no chance here. try in-game. good luck.

That is a really shitass trade, since crowns can easily be abused by codes (2.6k crowns every file)

Every single trader probably wants to spit on you for this ungodly post. Good luck trying to get it from someone ingame.


Meh, I’ve seen worse offers somehow

bro crowns have no value, go back to exiled farming

Value list - Game Discussion / Trading Discussion - Arcane Odyssey

It’s bannable

Yes they do it’s bannable to have alts

crowns are nt worthless.

Then if it was bannable, why would items not be worth nowhere near crowns
(Question kinda sounds stupid to be but eh, 2 lazy)

It isnt bannable

They are worthless on the forums here, unfortunately

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Not sure where he got the “abusing crown codes is bannable” idea from

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It IS abusing them
Just it isnt against the rules

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Forgot to add the bannable, alright I’ma go on my lazyass break

It’s not bannable to have a roblox alt :laughing:

Not bannable to have an alt (on Roblox/WoM game itself). Not bannable to use codes. Not bannable to trade/give stuff to your alts. Perfectly acceptable. This is starting to remind me of that whole fishing macro situation…

Not hard to follow that logic. Meta, a mod for WoM, even owns alts he uses for the game. I somehow remember this when he showed he had 6 files with headless (another thing that wasn’t intended but wasn’t punishable).


There’s a literal statement from vetex saying that he won’t care about the current state of codes in the game. so technically it’s not bannable sorry mate but that’s how it is.

tldr: code farming is legal ggez

yo wtf you’re overpaying 3k crowns is good enough