A Complete Guide to Trading

In this post I will be covering the essentials of trading, to help you become a better trader (I will be assuming you are aiming to trade for profit, not to get a specific item you want).

  • Before negotiating a deal, always ask what the other person wants/is looking for. Most of the time, if they’re a casual player and aren’t looking for trading value, they’ll pay more than needed to complete their build.

  • Use the forums and Discord to find deals. Due to the fact that you can’t send a trade in game asking for more value than you’re giving, that severely limits the profit you can gain. By thoroughly discussing a trade through Discord or forums, you can negotiate for the other person to send a more valuable trade on their end, and maybe even arrange to go beyond the 8 item at a time trade limit.

  • List all/several of your items when negotiating a deal. And ask the other person to do the same. By listing all available items for trade, you’ll be able to see the bigger picture of their items, and settle on good trades better.

  • Go in game and try buy things off people for Crowns. I find that most of the time, people will accept 500-1,4000 Crowns for their boss armors. Very profitable.

  • Do bundle deals. The good thing about bundle deals is that most of the time, you’re able to gain or save more value because more items are at stake. Also, if the other person isn’t a very experienced trader, a bundle deal will always look good to them, even though if you compare the items 1-1, it might not be worth it.

  • Trading for profit is essentially buying and selling. When trading for a more valuable item, always remember to consider if you’ll be able to re-trade it for more profit.

  • Always try and convince the other person on why your items are so good/useful. Often you can achieve overpays by doing this.

  • Invest in cleans. You just have to make sure that you’re giving just enough items so that its not a big loss if you get a bad enchant, but also you gain profit if you get a good enchant on the item. If you’re lucky enough and play your cards right, you’ll hit the jackpot.

  • Never enchant armor pieces. This is an extremely important point. Even though there is probably a 3-4/8 chance you’ll get a desired enchant, it does not compensate for the fact that bad enchanted armors have very little trade value. For swords, getting swift or hard isn’t a big downgrade from the potential strong, but for armors you basically lose all value. So don’t enchant armors.

  • Never immediately decline a trade! When you’re looking for potential profit, take every opportunity to try your luck. Instead of decline, ask if they have anything else to offer! Often times, they may be purposely or unaware that they are underpaying. If you find they have other good items worth your value, try and negotiate with them.

  • Be careful with trades consisting of you sending more than 8 items at once. Even though there is still the chance someone may scam you, you can either offer to send your least valuable items first, before the main trade with the big items, or you can simply ask the trading to be done with the item you are receiving first, before sending the rest.

  • Updates are crucial periods where you can make a lot of profit. There will certainly be a huge influx of players returning to the game during the first few days, which is when the marketplace becomes super active. Snag some good trades while you can!

  • Don’t always downgrade items. If you downgrade too much, you might not be able to climb back up and earn profit, due to the fact that the smaller item you have downgraded to may simply be of zero demand.

  • Don’t always upgrade items. If you’re constantly combining smaller items for items of more value, you might not be able to see the bigger scope of all the items you combined, such that when you finally trade the bigger item off, you might lose value.

  • Keep track of your trades. You need to keep a mental note of what items you traded for a specific item, or what items you got from selling an item. This way, you can remember to charge for more/less in order to earn profit in the following trade.

  • Don’t be afraid to offer bad deals (for the other person). As long as you’re not downright scamming, then it’s worth it to try your luck to offer some deals you know you’re going to earn profit from. Someone might accept it!

  • Establish a network of traders. This is crucial for your long term success as a trader. If you remember you earned profit from one guy, or if you know they always overpay or always look for one item, you can go back to them and offer them more!

Hope this helped!


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