A Guide to Arcane Odyssey

A Guide to Arcane Odyssey.

(Full name - Randomness’ Complete Guide to Arcane Odyssey by Vetex Games, Deluxe Edition)

  • This is an ongoing guide intended mainly for new players. However, even if you’ve played the game plenty feel free to read.
  • If you know anybody new to AO or want to encourage somebody to play the game, send them over here, see what they think.
  • I’m only one person. I make mistakes and cannot cover everything alone. Reply to this topic with anything you want me to add and I’ll see if I can fit it in.

Arcane Odyssey: An Introduction

Arcane Odyssey is a 2023, story driven, open world adventure game developed by Vetexgames on Roblox.
It takes elements from many genres, and inspiration from many pieces of popular media.
All credits, inspiration, feature details and patch notes can be found on the trello here:
Arcane Odyssey | Trello
The full lore of the series can be found here, and in the game within the form of a book called the Arcane Chronicles. (Spoiler warning.)

The game rules can be found here, along with an additional link for a more detailed guide on how moderators punish rule infractions.
Arcane Odyssey - Early Access Information and Rules | Roblox
Ban Rulebook - Google Docs

Any questions regarding the game rules can be directed to one of the Game Moderation Leaders:

  • Cyan
  • Galaga
  • Mimhere
  • Xxale

Or one of the many game moderators who can be found in this group:
Game Moderators - Arcane Odyssey Forums

Other questions regarding moderation can be directed to any member of the AO Staff team, or one of the Staff Leaders:

  • Cyan
  • Galaga
  • Mimhere
  • Xxale
  • ShadeOfAzure
  • Techlevel

The Vetex Games Official Discord Server (Vetcord) & Affiliated Servers can be found here. Each server has similar guidelines to each other and the forums, so please ask one of their specific moderators for assistance.

Embark on an epic journey through the War Seas, taking part in the conflicts of kingdoms and organizations striving for power. Many will die, but only the strong survive in this harsh, magic-polluted world. From outcast to living legend, will people grow to fear your name, or worship it?

Conflict is at an all-time high as the many kingdoms wage war over possession of Sea Curses, powerful artifacts which grant the user immortality and great power. After defeating great rulers and evil psychopaths for what you believe is the greater good, you leave yourself questioning what your true purpose in this world is.

Explore great scenery from sunny beaches, to frigid wastelands. Recruit quartermasters and a crew to sail by your side, while upgrading your ship to withstand the harsh weather and powerful enemies at sea. Sailors spread tales of the brutal Dark Sea, a wasteland of mind-breaking magic energy, ghost ships, fearsome creatures, and other terrors. Who knows what treasures are out there, waiting to be found?

Fight against other players, or team up with them and rule the seas as a clan, capturing islands, building castles, and becoming more infamous. Since you were born a mage, you have the option of mastering your magic, or dropping it entirely in favor of fighting styles, weapon mastery, and more.

Test your skills against bosses fought throughout the story, as well as the fearsome enemies and creatures of the seas. Become an expert cook, a master of potion brewing, an infamous bounty hunter, and more.

You wake up on an island, with no memory of who you are, where you’re lying or how you got there. After exploring the island, and talking to the only other person there - a man named Morden, you set out on your Odyssey across the expansive War Seas, one of Five Sea clusters left in the world. You awaken in the Bronze Sea, the northernmost of the Warring Seas.

As Arcane Odyssey is a story driven game, I recommend for new players to play through the story their first time slowly, taking time to explore up until level 125. Afterwards, you should be able to make your own judgement on how you’d rather play the game.

A few important keybinds

  • ` Opens your Backpack. Small items you find around the world can be located here. You can drag items to your Hotbar
    Items found here include your Magic, Fighting Style, Equipped Weapons, Light Sources, Food, Ship Customisation Items, Tools, Chart Scrolls, Potions and Ingredients.

  • TAB opens your Inventory where you can see all the items you own. You can filter it with the various options given to you.
    You have two Armour equip slots, Stat and Vanity

    Vanity slots only affect your look, rather than your Armour Stats which can be found underneath your inventory.
    Power Increases your damage
    Defense Increases your health
    Attack Size Increases the size of your attacks
    Attack Speed Increases how fast you cast your attacks, and how fast they move. It also decreases your “Endlag.” - the period of vulnerability after you launch an attack:
    Agility Increases your movement speed
    Intensity Will increase your Status effect capabilities
    Armour Piercing Increases your damage dealt to enemies blocking, parrying, and opponents with high health - You can Block with G
    Resistance Decreases the damage you take whilst charging attacks.
    Regeneration Increases the amount of health you regenerate per second
    Warding Will provide protection from adverse effects
    Insanity Will provide increasingly harsh visual effects and can only be found on powerful items or by consuming certain meals or potions.
    Drawback Will cause you to take damage whilst attacking and can only be found on very powerful items which give high stats.

  • Q, E, R, F, V, C, X, Z are all Skill keybinds, which will correspond to specific skills depending on what you have Equipped

  • T Allows you to perform a high jump to gain vertical height.

  • P Enables Picture Mode for epic screenshots

  • G Allows you to Block

  • B Allows you to perform Emotes

  • N Opens the Main Menu where you can select between options
    Quests To view your current Story, Side and Tutorial quests
    Clan To view your current Clan or Faction, and the Clan Leaderboard
    Party To start a team with other players, where you will be able to see their location.
    Trade To trade items and galleons with players
    Fish To view your fishing journal
    Settings To customise your options
    Stats To view all your game stats
    Store To buy developer products and gamepasses
    You can also Change Servers using the two buttons below.

  • M Opens your Map where you can hover over Discovered Islands to view the Exploration Tasks there.

    You can also view Sea Exploration which is gained for completing Exploration Tasks on islands.
    Undiscovered Islands are covered in Clouds, and must be discovered to view.
    You can also toggle Sky Islands, Kingdom Territories and Quest Markers
    Importantly, hovering over a Kingdom Main Island will display its Status, Ruler and Strength.

  • You can Dash by either Double Tapping A directional input, or by pressing Shift depending on your settings. Choose from personal preference.

  • You can Charge energy using Shift. Energy is important as it allows you to use a variety of different Skills

  • J will open the Information Menu where you can view your Status, Renown, Stat points, Skills, Magic, Strength, Attributes and Abilities. Each of these is important and will be gone over later.

    Ignore the slightly dangerous position by Rune

  • K will open up the Quest menu, where you can view Side, Story and Tutorial quests. As of right now, this is a bugged message as there are no repeatable quests.

  • L will open up your Inbox, where you can send and receive messages, receive trades and view the Agora, the newspaper sent to you every 20 minutes.

Your UI will tell you a lot.

Your party, boat spawn, Galleons (The main currency of the War Seas), Renown Title, Level, Compass (And Dark Sea Compass), Temperature, Health, Energy, Stamina (For movement abilities), Menu options, Hunger and Status Effects all can be viewed on the left.

Your Hotbar, Renown Changes, Notoriety, Skills and Air Movement charge can all be seen in the middle of your screen.

Hints, Notifications and Quests can all be seen on the right side of your screen.

The Server Region, Version and Playerlist can be viewed up at the top-right.


Now that you’re accustomed to the game’s simple controls, I’ll give you an overview of Progression.
In Arcane Odyssey, you’ll be able to progress your Character and Ship.
Character Progression involves a mixture of Armour and Stats.
You will be able to find Armour - Chestpieces, Legpieces, Accessories and Titles - by buying them from various Shopkeepers, defeating Bosses or obtaining them through Exploration such as Fishing or Treasure Chests. Weapons can also be gained in a similar way.

Armour can be found with various Enchantments and Modifiers, which increase stats. They also can be upgraded using Blacksmiths.

Enchantments can be gained from either Enchant Scrolls or using an Alchemist to Enchant an item (Weapons Can also be Enchanted. They come in two tiers currently. Alchemists only give Tier 1 Enchantments.
List of Current Enchantments:

Tier Name Given Stat
1 Strong Power // Weapon Damage // Ram Strength // Ship Weapon Damage
1 Hard Defense // Durability and Ram Defense
1 Nimble Agility
1 Amplified Intensity // Ship Weapon Range
1 Bursting Size // Weapon Size // Ship Weapon Size
1 Swift Speed // Weapon Speed // Ship Speed and Turning // Ship Weapon Speed
1 Sturdy Shield Durability // Sail Resilience and Speed // Rod Strength
1 Heavy Shield Blocking Power
1 Luring Rod Lure
1 Lucky Rod Luck
1 Magnetic Rod Item Chance
1 Rich Shovel Chest Rarity Bonus
1 Marking Shovel Part Marking
2 Powerful Power // Ram Strength // Ship Weapon Damage
2 Armored Defense // Shield Blocking Power // Durability and Ram Defense
2 Agile Agility
2 Enhanced Intensity // Ship Weapon Range
2 Explosive Size // Ship Weapon Size
2 Brisk Speed // Ship Speed and Turning // Ship Weapon Speed
2 Charged Power and Intensity
2 Virtuous Defense and Warding
2 Hasty Agility and Speed
2 Healing Regeneration
2 Resilient Resistance
2 Piercing Armour Piercing
2 Tempered Increased Weapon Damage and Decreased Weapon Size
2 Ardent Increased Weapon Speed and Decreased Weapon Damage
2 Dense Increased Weapon Size and Decreased Weapon Speed
2 Reinforced Shield Durability // Sail Resilience and Speed
2 Warship Various positives and negatives. Can only be applied to one ship part.
2 Ensnaring Rod Lure
2 Toughened Rod Strength
2 Graced Rod Luck
2 Treasurer Rod Item Chance
2 Fortune Shovel Chest Rarity Bonus
2 Goldsight Shovel Chest Rarity Bonus + Marking

Modifiers Can be found on items in specific conditions.
They cannot be found on Weapons.
The Atlantean Modifier cannot be on items with a Virtuous Enchantment.

Name Stat Condition
Atlantean Insanity + Another stat not already given by the item. In the Dark Sea // Enchant Dependant
Frozen Defense On Cold Islands
Archaic Size On Grassy Islands
Sandy Intensity On Sand
Superheated Intensity and Power On Hot Islands
Blasted Power On Islands Very Specifically Destroyed By Explosions
Crystalline Speed On Grassy Islands
Drowned Defense and Size Underwater or in Swamp-like Islands

As seen above, Ship Items can also be enchanted. Ship items will come as one of the following:
Hull, Sail Material, Cannon, Siege Weapon, Ram, Crew, Quartermaster(s) and Deckhands [Will be explained later], Lanterns, Sail Pattern, Attachments.

They can be found as Blueprints in Sealed Chests or bought directly from Shipwrights. They can be equipped to your boat via the Shipyard tab. Once equipped, you’ll have to either respawn or redock your ship.
There are currently 5 types of ship in game, which can be bought from Shipwrights throughout the world.

  • Rowboat
  • Sailboat
  • Caravel
  • Ketch
  • Brig

Each ship can equip different items.

Progressing your character is also important. Every time you level up you will gain 2 Stat Points which can be invested into one of four stats.

  • Vitality: The Health Stat
    Increasing Vitality will reduce your overall damage output however will give you perks such as vitality unique armour, increased health and powerful but rare Spirit Weapons
  • Magic: The Flashy Stat
    Increasing Magic will improve your prowess with channelling the innate magical abilities you were born with. You’ll gain an array of Spells to add to your arsenal, customisable with the Magic tab.
  • Strength: The Dramatic Fight Scene Stat
    Increasing Strength will not only allow you to learn powerful Fighting Styles and Techniques to go with them, but it’ll also increase your athleticism, allowing you to perform feats such as escaping whirlpools with ease. Abilities gained through this stat are customisable in the Strength tab.
  • Weapons: The Swordsman’s Stat
    Increasing Weapons will make you more proficient in the art of the blade, or hammer, or gun, or spear (You get the idea). You’ll be able to use weapons of a higher quality, which gives you access to a greater range of powerful Weapon Skills.

Depending on your stats, you will be assigned a stat build. Stat builds determine what sort of abilities you unlock in the future.
Damage scales off of Level, rather than stat points. Only the Vitality stat will effect the damage you output.

Mage (Full Magic)

The Zoner
Investing the large majority of your points into Magic will give you a Mage build. Mages are effective Zoners with Spells such as Beam, Blast and Snare, allowing them to pressure opponents at range. Keeping your distance and utilising your large arsenal are key to this class.
At higher levels, Mages will be able to unlock new Magic slots and even Ancient and Lost types of Magic and Spell

Berserker (Full Strength)

The Rushdown
Investing the large majority of your points into Strength will give you a Berserker build. Berserkers thrive off close range, with high damage skills that allow them to close the distance and pummel that filthy magic user to death (This is sarcasm). At high levels, Berserkers can unlock more Fighting Style slots and upgrade their current styles to higher levels.

Warrior (Full Weapons)

The Mix-up
Investing the large majority of your points into Weapons will give you a Warrior build. Warriors aren’t really a Zoner, but you can’t really call them a Rushdown either. They thrive off the variety in Weapon Skills, from long ranged slashes to quick teleporting moves. At higher levels, Warriors will be able to use rare, legendary and even rumoured Artisan weapons, along with gaining the ability to imbue magic energy into their attacks early on.

Warden (Full Vitality)

Route Currently Unavailable
The Tank
Wardens are currently unavailable. We can expect them to be tanky though, especially with Regen from Vitality unique armour, along with Spirit Weapons that thrive off high health.

Conjurer (Magic/Weapons)

The Mage with a Gun
Investing stat points into both Magic and Weapons will give you a Conjurer build. Conjurers are interesting. A common build which utilises a mixture between Magic and Weapons. As both skilled Wizards and Swordsmen, they will gain the ability to imbue magic into their weapon strikes. Due to this, they lean more towards a Zoner with the ability to use beams, however will also use the occasional grab or teleport attack.

Warlock (Magic/Strength)

The Status Effect Wizard
Investing stat points into both Magic and Strength will give you a Warlock build. Warlocks will gain the ability to imbue their Magic into their Fighting Style at higher levels. This will make them extremely effective at applying status effects to opponents, and profiting off the synergies between effects.

Paladin (Magic/Vitality)

Limited Content Available
The Divine
A Paladin uses both Magic and Spirit energy in their attacks. They can imbue their magic into any Spirit Weapons they use, or imbue either Spirit Weapon specific or Divine Spirit Energy into magic attacks. Their spirit energy either forms as Gold or as Red.

Warlord (Strength/Weapons)

The Powerhouse
Investing stat points into both Strength and Weapons will give you a Warlord build. Do you like hitting people with huge weapons? If so, then Warlord is for you. With the ability to use Strength Weapons you will be able to crush your foes. Warlords also gain the ability to imbue their Fighting Style onto said Weapons for additional bonuses.

Juggernaut (Strength/Vitality)

Limited Content Avalible
The Brawler
Investing stat points into both Strength and Vitality will give you a Juggernaut build. Put yourself in the situation where you’re being chased down by an unrelentless Berserker. Now give said Berserker more health and that’s what we call a Juggernaut. Along with spirit weapons, they’ll be able to imbue Spirit Energy into their attacks to ensure that you either have to keep on your toes.

Knight (Weapons/Vitality)

Limited Content Avalible
The Weaponmaster
Investing stat points into both Weapons and Vitality will give you a Knight build. Knights will be able to utilise both Weapons and Spirit Weapons, allowing them to use a large range of skills. Fighting a Knight will involve you having to deal with both Weapon Skills with the added twist of Spirit Weapon skills.

Savant (Balanced Stats)

Some (Vitality) Content Currently Limited
The Jack of all Trades
Despite the name, Savants are builds which invested into stats which do not fit into any of the categories above. Whether a mix of three or four stats, a Savant will end up having the largest variety of abilities available for them, in exchange for less opportunities for future content such as Lost/Ancient Magic and Legendary Weapons. Later on in the game, they can choose one of two paths as of right now. Magic Savant or Fighting Savant which will allow them to specialise by either gaining a new slot in Magic or Fighting Styles. They also will get access to a variety of Spirit Weapons to increase their already large arsenal.

Although there is usually a defined “Meta” each update cycle, I personally recommend sticking to a build which you enjoy, that suits your playstyle and that you think is unique.

Along with progression of armour, ship and character, you’ll also need to be aware of your World Skills
The current World Skills are for Cooking, Brewing and Jewelcrafting. They can be levelled up by doing one of those three activities, and will increase your proficiency with that task. They have six levels, Decent, Good, Great, Superb, Excellent and Perfect. Perfect level in any task requires you to get 50,000 total experience points for that skill.

A note on story progression

Due to difficulty spikes, I recommend levelling to the suggested level before the Story Quests “Ravenna’s Secret” (Level 40)
And “The Journey To Ravenna” (Level 93)

At level 120, and in the future around level 250 you will be offered an Awakening which will give you access to some of the abilities described in the list of Stat Builds.

At some points in the story you may be offered a choice. Choose wisely, as it may affect the future of your character.

Dodge Reflexes

are an ability you can unlock at level 120. Find a man called Rill Hendrix when you reach that point and you’ll gain the ability to use a singular air dash.


Arcane Odyssey has many mechanics, some of which I’ll detail here.

Sealed Chests

Completing different activities will reward you with Sealed Chests. Each sea has its own type of Sealed Chest, each with a different drop pool. You can open Sealed Chests by carrying them to a Shipwright or by unloading your ship near a Shipwright using a Quartermaster Command.

Ship Combat

When at the helm of your ship, assuming you’ve equipped Cannons to it, you will gain the option to Arm your cannons. With these, along with Rams (F) or Siege Weapons (Shift) you can sink other ships you find on your journey. Types of ships include:

  • Merchant Ships
  • Pirate Ships
  • Faction Ships
  • Kingdom Ships
  • Player Ships

Once you sink the opponents ship, you can disembark from your own to attack the crew of your opponents (Assuming it isn’t a player ship). They will fight back, and once you kill them, a variety of Treasure Chests and Sealed Chests will spawn on the deck, which you can take for your own.

Treasure Charts

In Treasure Chests, you can occasionally find old charts which give clues leading to Buried Treasure. Depending on the rarity of the chart, there can be between 1 and 5 treasure spots.
Completing a treasure chart will reward you with Treasure Chests, Sealed Chests, Modified Items, Gems and Enchantment Scrolls.

Diving Spots

On the surface of the ocean, you can spot glowing points of bubbles. These are called Diving Spots. You can dive down there to find Potion Reagents, Treasure Chests, Sealed Chests and to gain some Experience Points.

Underwater Structures

In Treasure Chests, there is also a second type of available chart known as a Sea Chart. They give directions to a large Underwater Structure. Underwater Structures are deep, but contain valuable Chests, Reagents, Sealed Chests and Sharks. Completing an Underwater Structure rewards you with Experience and Underwater Progression. Completing 20 structures in a sea will grant you that sea’s Diver title.

Exploration Tasks

Completing island exploration tasks will help you become familiar with an Island, and grant you Exploration Progression and Experience.
Completing all islands tasks in a sea will grant you that sea’s Explorer title. Currently only Bronze Sea Explorer is available.


Clans can be created for 5000 galleons. You can invite other players to your clan, customise its ranks, have a personal clan bank and work together to gain Infamy.
Infamy can be gained through completing activities throughout the game, and claiming islands. Using a claiming flag, you’ll be able to take Wilderness Islands for your own, or claim them from other Clans. Eventually clans will be able to build on their claimed islands, creating towns, fortresses, farms and more.


A faction is an NPC group which is player joinable. There are three known Factions currently in Arcane Odyssey.

  • The Grand Navy
  • The Assassin Syndicate
  • The Juraserva, who write the Agora [Future Faction]
    However the Juraserva is currently unavailable for players to join, and not much is known about them. Speak to a representative from the faction to join them.


The Grand Navy has an internal meter called “Influence” for each server. When Influence changes level, it will be announced in chat. Influence can be changed by the actions of players and will affect the pirate ships, and the Grand Navy ships that spawn. When Influence is at its lowest, clans can take an opportunity to claim the Grand Navy base in that sea, and they will gain the sea’s abolitionist title for successfully claiming it.


Castaways can be found floating on pieces of wood in the Sea. Speak to them to either Save or Plunder them. Saving a castaway and escorting them to a Civilised Island will reward you with a fish and a chance for a Treasure Chart


Traveller NPCs can be found on islands and hired as Deckhands. Deckhands will provide a random stat for your ship.
Deckhands will level up from sinking ships, and you can upgrade them using gems and galleons. They will also be able to gain a Profession, which provides a passive or active ability which can be levelled up with a specific set of items.
You can also gift items to your Deckhands to increase Loyalty, high loyalty deckhands can be customised and given Artifacts, which increase a specific attribute of your ship. As they are quite an expansive feature, feel free to read more about them on the game’s unofficial Wiki. Deckhands | Arcane Odyssey Wiki | Fandom


Using cooking pots around the world, you can cook a range of meals by placing your ingredients into the pot. Ingredients can be found all over the world, rarely in golden form. Rarer ingredients will provide better effects and more hunger restoration when cooked into a meal.
The higher your Cooking skill, the better meals you can cook.


Using cauldrons around the world, you can brew a range of potions using Reagents and Catalysts. As this feature has so many details, I recommend using a guide such as this one made by the forums (self promotion am I right) which lists every Reagent and Catalyst.
Potion Information Wiki - Game Discussion - Arcane Odyssey
In short, Prometheus’ Acrimony is rare. Whomst could have guessed.


Crafting a gem into a jewel is possible with a Jewelcrafting table and a specific Reagent. Different Reagents provide different effects.
Jewels can be socketed into armour to provide bonus stats. I recommend using a list of them to decide which stats are best for you.


Using a Fishing Rod, you can fish in any large enough body of water. By fishing you can catch a large variety of fish, that provide potion ingredients and good meal parts. Rarely you can catch items, including the extremely rare Sunken sets, which are special armour and weapon sets which provide high amounts of stats.

The Dark Sea

Sailing away from islands into the distance will eventually bring you into the ruinous world at the edge of the War Seas. The Dark Seas are a randomly generated dungeon like adventure where you can find giant sea monsters, islands, boats of horrific nightmares and ghost ships. Venture into the dangerous waters with your life at risk, and hope to return with some Dark Sealed chests to open for extremely valuable loot such as high level enchantment scrolls. I recommend to experience the sea blind, without looking up help for the first time.


You are able to buy cargo at most towns in the War Seas. Taking cargo a long distance and selling it will give you large amounts of xp and Galleons. You can also sell Gunpowder barrels in a similar way, which provide plenty of experience points at the slight risk of explosion.


There are three categories of Weapons, tools that are equipped to three slots that can be seen in your inventory.

  • Weapons
  • Strength Weapons
  • Spirit Weapons

Weapons can be used by any weapon build. They can have up to four normal skills and one ultimate art. Each weapon will have a type and a quality, the type determines what skills can be Armed to the weapon, and the quality determines how many skills will be on the weapon with Base Armaments and also how many skills can be Armed to it Can I get verification for this last part . You can go to a blacksmith to Disarm a weapon and take the skills off of it in exchange for Skill Notes which can be used to add the skill to another disarmed weapon. These skills can only be equipped to some weapon types, and will have an increasing cost of the Weapon stat, depending on the slot equipped to and type of skill.

Strength Weapons can be used by Warlords. They are similar to normal weapons but their skills require a balance of the Weapon and Strength stats.

Spirit Weapons can be used by any vitality build. They are specific, rare weapons blessed by Gods and will have special effects based on which god blessed them. Spirit Weapon Rites take a small amount of energy, and a small amount of health to use. We can assume that they will work similarly to normal and strength weapons in terms of disarmament in the future.

More content shall be added to this in the future.

– If you have any suggestions for content to be added to the guide, reply down below and I’ll add it –


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