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This is supposed to be a public table that anyone should be able to edit containing all potions and their reagents for tiers 1 and 2. Since making this wiki, different categories such as info on potion brewing and catalyst types have been added.

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Potion Brewing

Editors Note, this section is incomplete and will need to be expanded on with the potion update

– This is supposed to be a comprehensive guide on the act of potion brewing.

Potion Brewing is a system in Arcane Odyssey which allows players to brew potions that can apply powerful buffs and debuffs to themselves or others, which can assist with exploring, combat and other activities such as fishing or boss grinding.
To brew a potion, the player must find a cauldron located near an alchemist. When holding a Reagent or a Catalyst near the cauldron, a prompt will appear to put the Reagent/Catalyst in the cauldron. Once a potion can be brewed, a prompt will appear to brew the potion.
There are four (4) things which can change the type of potion brewed.

  • Catalyst (Affects duration)
  • Reagent type (Affects effect)
  • Reagent amount (Affects strength of effect)
  • Potion Brewing Level. (Extra multiplier)

Catalysts decide what type of potion you brew and act as a multiplier to duration. Depending on the Catalyst, potions might be used in a different way, and potions will have different models and potency.
For example, a common shore item will give a Vial, which has a base 0.5x Potency, and is a drinkable potion. A pinecone(?) will give a throwable burst potion with [Unknown] Potency.
Potency is a multiplier for the duration of the potion.

Reagents decide the effect and tier of a potion, higher-tier potions will give stronger effects. There are two tiers of potion reagents in-game.
Tier 1 potions - 1x T1 reagent
Tier 2 potions - 5x T1 reagent
Tier 3 potions - 10x T1 reagent
Tier 4 potions - 5x T2 reagent
Tier 5 potions - 10x T2 reagent
For example, 1 Seaweed will give a T1 Waterbreathing potion, whilst 5(?) Lurker Eyes will give a T4 Revealing potion, which is stronger than a T1 Revealing potion.

Keep in mind that all potions are stylised without whitespace in between words:

  • Waterbreathing
  • Sharkrepel

Your potion brewing level acts similarly to your cooking level, giving a potency multiplier instead of a hunger multiplier. It levels up by brewing potions.


If the reagent/catalyst is unknown use the placeholder


Correct and incorrect usage

Correct Usage:
Above image is correct usage of the placeholder, as it is confirmed that a T2 Waterbreathing reagent is in game by trello notes, but the reagent is unknown.

Incorrect Usage:

Above image is incorrect usage of the placeholder, as it has been confirmed by trello patches that the T2 reagent of Revealing is a Lurker Eye

If the reagent/catalyst is added but not available until the dark sea use the placeholder

Dark Sea

Correct and incorrect usage

Correct Usage:
Above image is correct usage as it is confirmed by trello patch notes that the reagent will not be available until the dark sea update.

Incorrect Usage:
Above image is incorrect usage, as the T1 waterbreathing reagent is not found in the dark sea.

If the reagent/catalyst is not added yet, use the placeholder


Correct and incorrect usage

Correct Usage:

Above image is correct usage as there is no confirmed T2 power reagent in game
Incorrect Usage:
Above image is incorrect usage as the Harming T1 reagent is in the test universe at time of writing.

If anything is speculated with evidence, but not confirmed with a note on the Arcane Odyssey trello or in-game experience, mark it with


This placeholder does not apply for potion effects, as each potion effect is still currently speculation at time of writing.

Reagent Table:

Potion Tier 1 Tier 2 Official Description In-game effect
Waterbreathing Seaweed Unknown Allows the individual to breathe underwater for an extended period of time. Decreases oxygen drain.
Harming Unknown Dark Sea Inflicts intense pain.
Bleeding Unknown Dark Sea Causes slash-like lacerations and bleeding.
Revealing Unknown Lurker Eye Allows the individual to sense the location of nearby enemies, sharks, treasures, and more (only shows players when in combat).
Healing Unknown Dark Sea Heals injuries, and lost limbs at higher tiers.
Poison Unknown Unknown Inflicts a dangerous poison.
Sharkrepel Shark Fins N/A Causes the individual to emit pheromones that make them undetectable by sharks and certain sea monsters.
Power White Eyes Scale N/A Causes the individual’s attacks to deal more damage temporarily.
Love Unknown Unknown Causes the target to feel a strong friendship and loyalty to the user (neither are able to damage each other while the effect is active, but it can be cancelled if the target drinks a love potion)
Warding Unknown Unknown Grants the individual a divine protection from the effects of insanity.
Insanity Unknown Unknown Warps and torments the individual’s mind and perception of reality.
Mystery Unknown Unknown Gives the individual a random potion effect or ailment
Invisibility Unknown Unknown Allows light to pass through the individual, making them invisible to the eye (visibility depends on tier, with tier 5 being completely invisible).
Ironskin Unknown Unknown Covers the individual’s body in a layer of metal, giving temporary damage resistance but decreased movement speed.
Burning Unknown Unknown Ignites the individual in burning flames.
Tide Unknown Unknown Causes water droplets to form on the individual for a short amount of time, can also alter tides of the seas to spawn large waves when thrown at the sea.
Corroding Unknown Unknown Coats the individual in an acidic, corrosive liquid.
Melting Unknown Unknown Coats the individual in burning hot lava.
Frost Unknown Unknown Coats the individual in ice (applies freezing, while tier 5 applies frozen).
Gale Unknown Unkown Sends the individual flying with a gust of wind.
Smoke Unknown Unknown Causes a thick white smoke to emit from the individual, or a large smoke cloud to form at the point of impact when thrown.
Electric Unknown Unknown Releases a burst of electrical energy, dealing damage and paralyzing the individual temporarily.
Blinding Unknown Unknown Impairs the individual’s vision.
Scorch Unknown Unknown Ignites into superheated plasma, causing scorching burns.
Desert Unknown Unknown Covers the individual in copious amounts of sand.
Arctic Unknown Unknown Covers the individual in copious amounts of snow.
Volcanic Unknown Unknown Coats the individual in volcanic ash.
Clearsight Unknown Unknown Allows the individual to see more clearly through the sea, fog, and darkness.
Energising Unknown Unknown Gives the individual a passive energy recharge boost.
Luck Unknown Unknown Increases the individual’s luck with obtaining rare items.
Slowness Unknown Unknown Hinders the individual’s movement speed.
Agility Unknown Unknown Increases the individual’s movement speed.
Interchange Unknown N/A Grants the individual the option to reset their stats.

Catalyst Table:

Catalyst Type Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Tier 4
Drinkable [Vial - 0.5x Potency] Clam, Conch, Sand Dollar, Porceletta [Flask - 0.75x Potency] Giant Clam, Scallop, Blue Clam [Potion - 1x Potency] Colossal Clam, Pearl [Elixir - 1.5x Potency] Golden Pearl
Throwable [Burst Potion - 0.65x Potency] Pinecone [Greatburst Potion - 0.8x Potency] Sky Pinecone N/A N/A
Anti-Ship Throwable [Nova Potion - 0.7x Potency] Star Coral [Supernova Potion - 0.7x Potency] Sunken Element N/A N/A
Lingering [Essence Potion - 0.125x Potency, 8x Applied] Island Cloud Extract [Aura Potion - 0.1875x Potency, 16x Applied] Dark Sea Essentia N/A N/A
Placed [Brew Potion - 0.85x Potency, 5 Uses] Jellyfish Flesh N/A N/A N/A
Imbuement [Gel Potion - 5 Min, 0.3x Potency] Whale Blubber N/A N/A N/A

Cauldron Locations:

This is supposed to be a list of all cauldrons in AO and their locations.

Island Detailed Location
Ravenna Next to Rasna Alchemist
Ravenna Next to Rubrica Alchemist
Cirrus Island Next to Alchemists shop
Sailors Lodge On a slab of stone near the Auctioneer
Palo Town Next to the Alchemist
Limestone Key Next to tents near the statue
Redwake Top of the cliff near the chiefs throne
Frostmill First floor of Enizor’s tower
Whitesummit Next to the Alchemist
Forest of Cernunno Near the bridge that leads to the cultist encampment.
Fort Talos Storeroom next to Argos’ Boss room
Munera Garden Near the Docks
Whitesummit Next to the door to Architect Merlots room
Shell Island Behind the hut of Shappa, the man who gives you the quest to find daggers
Ravenna In an Alley behind the Tiberia Assassin Syndicate Hideout

Potions per update:

This is supposed to be a log of which catalysts and reagents were added in each Arcane Odyssey Update

  • Waterbreathing potion T1 reagent
  • Common shore items as Vial catalysts
  • Uncommon shore items as Flask catalysts
  • Rare shore items as Potion catalysts
  • Exotic shore item as Elixir catalysts




How about white eyes scales for power potion
(Needs comfirmation)

im not sure if tier 3 reagents will exist considering there are only 5 tiers to a potion


We need more rows

I’m very sure that shark fins are used for every tier of sharkrepel, mostly because of the many shark fin types

along with the fact that unlike every other potion mentioned, sharkrepel is stated as “brewed with shark fins of any type” while others are “added tier 1 and 2 reagents”



of course, power is similarly worded, but it’s been confirmed to only have one tier



tier 3 reagents will be used for tier 5 potions

also, is this going to contain the effects of potions, or just the reagent locations?

This is weird for me still, as a thought. Tier 2 reagents aren’t useful unless you have 5? What if you use ten? At least let 1 tier 2 reagent make a tier 2 potion or something.

I’ll add a column for effects

should I try to add a table for catalysts as well, since those will be very important?

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gonna have to go into AO to see every shell type oh boy

As far as I can help, the alternatives to regular clams are Porclettas, Sand Dollars, and Conchs, whilst tier 2 clams are Blue Clams, Giant Clams, and Scallops

breh, thanks to an “edit conflict” I now have to remake the entire table :frcryin:

Sorry. I’ve added a skeleton to the table that you can edit if you want.

also, I don’t think sorting the things by “shore item” is a good idea, probably better to make it like uhh type of potion, then potency, and under potency is where you put the items

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