A measure against Cargo and Sealed Chest stealers

A measure against Cargo and Sealed Chest stealers https://forum.arcaneodyssey.dev/uploads/default/original/3X/9/1/9103381b7fccd721818e04386df0152605d0941c.jpeg
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Quartermasters now have the option to 1 by 1, load all your cargo and chests into the ship, also, if you destroy a player’s ship, your boat will instantly gain 10% - 20% of the enemy ship’s stored cargo/chests, into your own storage.

AO is a funny pirate game, and piracy is part of the experience, getting pirated on by another player once every blue moon should be part of the game as that is part of what makes this world feel alive and dangerous, but getting all your cargo stolen should feel terrible to anyone.

Therefore, you can store all your cargo/chests into your ship, and if you do get hunted by a player, they will only take a small fraction of what’s on your ship. That way, the world still feels dangerous instead of being a boring safe PvE shlog as it would otherwise, and you quiet down all the “muh cargo got stolen, reddit get this man!!” complaints.

Goes without saying but getting your ship explicitly destroyed by another player is what would make you lose only part of your items.

I feel like if anything this would just make pirating ships substantially more common.
It would remove the tedium of needing to slowly move loot from the water onto your ship before it despawns by just putting it in your hold instantly.

Or are you suggesting that the pirated player gets to keep 80% of the loot?


Pirates get to keep 10 to 20% of the loot, also manually storing the cargo back is awkward for either party and not a good thing for the game, looks weird as hell also

Is the other 80% of the loot just deleted or does the attacked player get to keep it?

its kept

That’s good then, glad we cleared up that misunderstanding.

Would not mind keeping my cargo, but I do think that pirating would become very, very common as a result of this.

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  1. Cargo is by far the fastest way to get galleons, and even then it’s still barely risky as it is now, I lost my cargo way more times to just getting disconnected by roblox than to getting pirated.
  2. You should lose all your chests if you’re sunk in the dark sea otherwise expeditions would become a joke
    3 This would not only increase piracy, but also make it more annoying since the player who sank you will probably try to do it again when you dock your boat, forcing you to switch servers.
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Icky yucky risk removal, someone else already said it so I won’t repeat them.

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i lose more cargo from my ship randomly bugging out over someone sinking my ship

same with chests

this is not a prevalent issue. i think u just made this suggestion cuz u got sunk during ur “very safe cargo run” LOL

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Pirates only get a fraction of what they did before, there’s less incentive

bro did not read the book

No unlike complainers i can handle myself in a fight, this post only exists to quiet down the pvp button players, if I had it my way positive reps would still be able to fight each other

THAR BE TREASURE :speaking_head::speaking_head::speaking_head::fire::fire::fire:

i dont think having your cargo stolen is really an issue whatsoever, or at least not right now. thats literally the only threat when doing cargo.

now stealing sealed chests, yeah thats pretty scummy, but the storage thing trivializes having to come back from the dark sea as you can just reset after putting your sealed chests in storage. and if the plan is to only allow storing chests once you left the dark sea, well most thefts happen near the border so it wouldnt help much to store

and finally, if storage becomes so readily available then pirates will just start randomly sinking all ships on the off chance that theres something in the storage, likely leading to a lot more annoyance than before (plus its convenient to not have to pick up the chests one by one after sinking)

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The thing with having the cargo on the deck is so players around you can see you have loot.

If you take all the loot from the deck and put it on what is essentially a boat inventory, you turn everyone into a potential victim, even those who have no loot whatsoever

i would like to get my full loot from pirating

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This is horrible bro. This is gonna encourage piracy way too much

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bro neither the pirates nor the pirated want this suggestion :sob:

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