A Message to Doge King and T.S.B.O

Before somebody says anything about me being a spy towards T.S.B.O since I’ve been on there for a week now I am not, by the time I am writing this I have left the discord because now that I know their dark history and reputation of the guild overall, and to the Doge Nation, I do not care if you put a bounty on me either fix your ways to for now on be a good guild I might consider rejoining the guild, but for now I am officially over with the Guild, goodbye :raised_hand:
(P.S To T.S.B.O I am not a spy I either were ever, so sorry that I was still in the discord before i joined you)

Mhm yes that does appear to be a message

I just decided for now until they become a better a better guild

Just came out clean

tl;dr you left doge for my guild. Honestly. Im kinda flattered that you prefer my guild over doge nation.

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Yeah, here is the proof :slight_smile: wait how do you post photos

You copy the photo and and paste it here

Or save it and then press the upload button


Ok, i’ll just put it on discord

Muted him

Did… Did I ping you that much?

Lol, maybe

Bro, you might wanna remove the malware you have on the bottom right.

You do realize PC accelerate is actually malware right?

Yeah, i’ll delete it

Here’s a link to help and I don’t recommend downloading random links on the internet

The hell is pc accelerate?

I wonder if Doge King will see this… oh wait

A scamming app