A peculiar discovery

or metal and sand

(ferrosand magic :star_struck: )

earth is boring

Aw man, so it isn’t part of the lore anymore?
If humanity kept doing this though, wouldn’t they eventually stop dying from it, similar to how Magic used to cause great harm to the user, but people managed to eventually develop ways to prevent that

I want ferrosand magic :frowning:

a magnetic magic does sound cool

Kind of a different scenario, since the reason magic no longer harms the user is because we no longer use that type of magic (primitive magic) at all. We didn’t adapt to using primitive magic, we had to forget about it and develop something that was pretty different

primitive magic still would shorten your lifespan no matter how used you are to it, primitive and augmented magic are two ENTIERLY different things, and we didn’t learn augmented magic, it was “discovered” by a “monk” who was actually prometheus

lmao, imagine dying. Couldn’t be me.

what the fuck happened here

people started fusing different magics together


I want tar magic

Water Magic + Life Magic = White Substance Magic


i mean kinda true though