AA Webcomic - 4th Anniversary

Four years in the making! (Surprise, I remembered this time, right on the hour, too!)
Another year passes with this ongoing passion project to bring a new light to a story left behind in the broken namesake experience from a few years ago. How else to celebrate it but with a collage of the many friends (nemeses) Juniper made (beat up and/or got killed) along the way? A thumbs up to you if you can name them all.

With this being the day the first episode came out with Juniper awakening on Newground Island, I wonder if this would make this her birthday?

A special thanks go out to everyone who has supported this project since its conception! Whether you followed this project along since the first episode, followed along on and off, or just heard of this series on the release of Arcane Odyssey, you have my biggest thanks!

Thanks again for sticking around, hoping current readers look forward to the final stretch of this series as the adventure makes its way to the seventh and final sea!


bro I’m soon gonna find a way to make this a poster for my room or something

God DAMN :fire:

Gotta get me a 3rd poster!!!

Glad to see the webcomic still going for four years, excited to see what comes next towards the future of the story


Yeah I’d say so, Happy Borthday Juniper and the Webcomic, don’t die with all the people that she pissed off

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Yoo this goes hard fr fr

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It’s still very amusing to me how there is a dedicated webtoon for Arcane Adventures, a roblox game.

I discovered it when I was playing during WoM days and mesmerized by the game and I’m looking forward to how you end the series.

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4 years of the Webcomic… This has truly been a Arcane Adventures…

I guess this is appropriate now then?


holy crap, four freaking years, im so greatful for sheep and this comic. from the very first chapter to the current one, ive loved it greatly. and i cant wait for more. and happy birthday top juniper.

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What a journey, these four years have passed in the blink of an eye.

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this kind of reminds me of that one spiderverse poster

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4 years definitely feel like 1 day

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Heck yea let’s goooooo


I Wonder if in the end of the webtoon, juniper will look to her friends and say “This has truly been an arcane adventure”

Peak btw


damn what a fun 4 years it’s been with this webcomic. thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into it :nod:!

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ramses II
devil dog
AG shadow saboteur
angel bre- i mean creed
prometheus (juniper wasn’t the one who beat/kill him though, dont know if that counts)
commodore spade
acid samurai
quartermaster airi
nephthys (cant spell her name guh)
durza (didn’t beat up nor was killed, still an antagonist though)

(could include fodder too, if asked/ felt like it)



someone really did their homework, really earning that extra credit!


you did a great job at making people want to see rebecca lose btw

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happy birthday, i forget which chapter i found it but ive followed it ever since


over all this time, i hadnt stopped to realise the sheer number of juniper’s colorful cast of antagonists!

ever since i started reading this (exactly when the 5th sea ended (convenient)) the one villain I’ve been aching to see again is,
for some reason,
Captain Spade and his conflict against Averill (and you cant convince me that Spade wont return :frcryin:)

Congratulations on this Achievement!!! :partying_face:

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