About Morden

No way I’m letting Morden slide by with off-brand Shadow looking magic


thats not Moden. Thats Tucker


morden and tucker did the fusion dance hell nah :skull:

Emo boy

Makes sense. He’s wielding THE death curse so I dig this look!

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Plot twist: Tucker rises from the grave to take the death curse.

:skull: that’s foul

holy shit this is dope

It reminds me of zombie doctor strange where he controls dead souls and if morden could do that, it would be so cool


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God dang that is awesome, and a real awesome concept. I’d love to see that sort of thing in game, if it would even look good on roblox lmao. Looks real cool though, I love pencil art (uhh or whatever the sketch/scribbly style is called) and your style consistently looks really nice

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Thanks! It’s called the “I’m too lazy to do actual clean lineart” style :sunglasses:


That’s actually a final fantasy 6 boss you will forget about.


MC rn : spook

bro literally just said :skull:

Bro he’s fucking BONES