About the Art category

This category is intended for art only. The topic post MUST have art in it created by you and must be related to World of Magic, Arcane Odyssey, Adventure Story, Arcane Adventures, or another one of Vetex’s games in some way. Topics posted in this category will be posted in the #:art:-fan-art channel of the Discord server automatically by a webhook.

How do I gain permission to create topics in this category?

To be able to post fan art as topics in this category, please message @artists with 3 pieces of your art for the game(s) so you can be added to the group.

Art Rules

  1. Do not post art that is borderline NSFW. Drawing characters of the opposite gender is fine as long as it is completely SFW. If you want to know whether or not a piece is safe to post, create a group DM with the owners of the @artists group (artist recruiters).

  2. Do not post art progress or low-effort art in this category. If you want people to see progress on some art you are making, post it in #off-topic.

  3. Be constructive when giving feedback to someone’s art.

Art can be in many forms, such as videos, models, or music inspired by the game. All three submitted pieces must be related to Vetex’s games.