Arcane Odyssey - Artist Application Instructions

So, you want to share your fan creations to the community? We’ve got the platforms! Want become an artist in the forum/discord community? Follow these steps.

  1. Artists - Arcane Odyssey Click this link to direct you to the forum Artist group.

  2. Click the Request button on the top-right of your window screen.

  3. In the message window, send at least Three Community Related Art Content, and submit. While three is our main focus, exceptions may be made for certain media. Community-related content and media include, but are not limited to:

      * Arcane Adventures, World of Magic, Arcane Odyssey, Adventure Story themed art
      * Fanart of in-game characters and original character avatars
      * In-game and original guild logo/logotype graphic design
      * Drawings both digital and traditional, paintings, pixel art, animations, multimedia productions
      * Fan music compositions, original theme songs
  4. Await approval from the Artist Recruiters. When approved, you will be able to post on the Art category, which may be posted into the Discord server for additional exposure.

Keep in mind that all art both in submission and regular art posts after approval must follow the rules and guidelines defined in both the Discord server and Forum. Always keep the rules and general ROBLOX community demographic in mind before posting. When in doubt, always consult a Moderator.
Official Forum Rules and Guidelines


haha i can’t even draw why am i reading this

good post tho, i didn’t know this was a thing!


Whoops, looks like I gotta edit my request LOL
Sorry :sweat_smile:

Bruh I didn’t even realize that was a thing.

Do we have to send all at once or 1 at a time?

if you mean it in a way that you send in one, and then some time later you make and post the others, we’d prefer if you sent it all at once

the request webhook fires off in our designated channel in the discord and we can’t make use of a single image, so dump all of your images into your request thread like this

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Does it matter if the art is related to WoM or not?

it matters, we dont count anything unrelated to the WoM universe

i already message my 3 art submissions on the group, i have to do is the request button now?

agagjhkrgjk time to make 2 more pieces of fanart for this game. This is gonna take a while folks
Edit: I finally finished it. If I get accepted I’ll post it later :smiley:

The more you guys ignore this comment the further Trollus spirals into insanity.
And you wouldn’t want that.


I feel really bad because I had to reedit my submission like 258723958 times. Mainly because I’m reaaally dumb. I’m hoping it’s valid now, I’m just waiting for some sort of response to it haha

I feel like I’m going insane. But I’m probably annoying the recruiters more than myself djgakrjnsh

Is it ok if I use blender or roblox studio for art?

Also, will you get notified if the request is denied or accepted?

most forms of art we’ll accept as long as they follow the rules of the disc server :fr:
we don’t accept stuff like “photography” though, where its literally just screenshots of WoM in photography mode

you’ll be told if you’re accpeted, not sure if there’s a deny message but i’ll have to test it

Would it be best to, if we already sent a request but it didn’t meet these requirements, edit that request or send a new one?

it’s better to just edit the request imo, multiple requests get confusing and clutter up the channel

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how long does it usually take between sending the request and getting a response/accepted

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a few days most of the time

Will the membership request drawings be published on the forum once we finish the submission?