[ABYSS SEA] - Calm in the Storm

A small conversation between the two captains of The Excalibur, as the crew hunkers down for another night in the Dark Sea.
(i just wrote this because i didn’t feel like doing any work and it’s easier to create badly written comfort, this is shit writing)

The door to the captains’ shared quarters creaked open, as The Excalibur’s co-captain walked inside.

“Arthur. Strong and Ray finished casting the enchantments for the night. We can get some sleep for a bit, but we’ll have to raid some islands tomorrow.”


“Ah. That’s a tired ‘mmm’. Are you okay?”

“Charlotte, I’m fine.”

“No, you’re not. What is it?”

“It’s… I don’t know. I keep thinking about home. We left behind Harvest for an expedition right into the heart of the Dark Sea, and for what?”

“Is this what this is about?”

“I’m… just scared of disappointing everyone. Disappointing you. We reach the end of the sea to find nothing - we go through this whole journey, and we just die to the fucking Atlanteans.”

“Arthur, listen. We’re all here, following you, because we trust you. I trust you.”

“I know, but… it just feels like I’m just leading everyone into a pointless death trap.”

“You know who would agree with you? The old me.”

“You mean that emotionless bitch?”

“Hah… She would’ve kicked you off the ship an hour into here. But we’ll make it through this, alright? We’ll be fine.”

“…Thanks, Charlie. I needed that.”

“I thought I said to never call me that.”

“Heh. Good night, Charlie.”

“Mmm. Good night.”


honestly, we need more comfort in the Abyss Sea writing department :sob::sob:

there is SO SO SO much hurt

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imagine being depressed

just stop being sad, so easy

Now hear me out,

What if I put them agains- gets silenced

stokes will personally pulverize your skull with a hammer