[ABYSS SEA] Cirrus Chapter: What I thought to be the Finale of It All

Have fun. This is set months after the first two chapters I released.

[Abyss Sea] Cirrus Chapter: What I thought to be the Finale of it All.

The Abyss, Month 8

It pushed back the soldiers, who all desperately attempted to shoot at it with bullets and magic - to no avail.

Plates of glittering scales armed its shoulders, and a mail of shells coated its chest. A cape made of a fabric which shifted with the wind as much as it shifted with another, unseen force, fell across the Atlantean’s back, creating a sense of flowing in the beast. It had the face of a dragon, complete with horns and long teeth - no. not a dragon. A Leviathan.

On its back was a greatsword, one made of some metal which both existed and didn’t exist at the same time, broken yet one.

Arish Vista lifted his head from where he was sitting.

“Oh look, Megan. We’ve got a challenger.”

I opened my eyes, slowly. My arm still aches, even if it’s been weeks since my fight with Rune.

The cave was empty: Aiedail wasn’t there.

Guess he’s outside. I grab a jacket of mine and throw it over my shoulders.

The Ruins are silent this morning, except for the trickle of the little stream we discovered. He’s lying down in the grass, looking up at the sky with a blank expression.

“Mmm… Tobi…”
“Yeah?” I laugh at his completely confused look.

“Couldn’t sleep.”

Oh. I touch his arm gently as if that would be any comfort. Aiedail eventually stirs.


A large explosion uttered from Cirrus, loud enough to disturb our quiet.

“The hell? Is that just Megan messing up with something or…”

“Atlantean?” He frowned. “Tobi… you rest here I’ll-”
“Let’s go, Arish is in danger.”

I was aware that he was concerned about my shoulder, but the bone had mostly healed. I could fight. Our skyship was tied to a tree, and in my rush I cut the rope with a dagger which I summoned. Soon the sails were up, and we were sailing smoothly through the air with little disturbance.

Nearing Cirrus we could tell something was up, loud echoes of combat rang over the whole island. The culprit was an Atlantean; twice the size of any human I’ve seen.

“What the…”

An enormous greatsword, twice Aiedail’s height, floated above the island, pointing towards the ground.

“Aie- what’s that.”
“It couldn’t be… no…”

A whisper escaped his mouth. “The Shattered Space.”

Everything collapsed as the sword crashed into the ground. My vision blurred over and then broke, it felt like my whole world was glass which had just shattered.

Time passed, and I eventually opened my eyes. My head was buried in Aiedail’s neck, and he held an arm around my back. Blood coated his face.

He breathed slowly, trying to be quiet.

The Thing roared.

Its sword was embedded deep into the ground, with a mountain of rubble strewn around it. Arish climbed out through it.

“Blizzard Magic: Blast!”

Two blasts of magic hit it at the same time, causing it to leap at Arish. I jumped up with a yell, taking its attention for a second. The Atlantean took the sword from the ground, and threw it in my direction. The blade broke through the air and passed through where I was.

“Teleportation, Fool. Magma Beam!”

The sword appeared behind me, cutting through my clothes, scraping my shoulder.

It hit the ground again, shattering my vision and knocking me back, towards the edge of the island. A burst of mysterious runes flew out under me, and caught my fall. Aiedail was nearby.

The thing had a sword back in its hand, and was pummeling the pale woman with attacks.


I summoned what spirit energy I could hold onto, and launched it in the shape of a dagger towards the Atlantean. It bounced off, afflicting no harm.

That couldn’t be right, unless.

“Aiedail! It doesn’t have a-”

For a third time, everything broke.

Aiedail seemed unaffected by whatever the sword was doing, having to quickly dodge some debris, but the effect on the senses was not as extreme.

His arms took hold, and carried me to a safer location as a blast of ash from Megan whipped above us.

“Aiedail… no soul… it doesn’t have a soul.”

He frowned, then sadness took over his face. “Emperor… so that’s what happened to you.”

Most users of spirit energy use it as a medium to damage the body, channelling it through various items. However I found that it’s much easier just to launch spirit energy at my opponents soul: Everything at least had some kind of soul, at least everything other than Aiedail and his friends.
So that was one person I couldn’t attack with one half of my abilities, not a big deal.

He assumed the rest of the Hexagon were long dead, and I - with slight regrets - hoped that was the case.

Then I’m here, fighting an Atlantean survivor of the Six Soulless, who can wield abilities I never even considered.

The pale woman was shouting. Something about portal-

Aiedail was impaled. The sword just slid through him, leaving a gaping space where there used to be flesh.

He smiled.


I blinked. Everything around me was dark. I stood in a void of nothingness.


No. I was back on Cirrus. Aiedail’s body was nowhere to be seen.


The blizzard mage saw me, and turned. The air rippled behind him, ripping apart, and the Atlantean stepped out.


I shouted again, he turned just too late.
Arish Vista fell, launched off the island in a kick.

A barrage of explosions followed, the pale woman running towards him as he fell, she reached out.

Arish continued to fall. Down, down and down. Through the clouds. Gone.

The Atlantean turned towards me, I aimed a blast of magma at it, faltering as my shoulder flared up.

Aiedail was back by my side - miraculously.

“Tobi, you didn’t think a small injury could stop Aiedail of the Hexagon did you?”

Tears streamed down my face, blurring my vision.

“Healing potions, fool. You were out of the fight for a few minutes after going through that portal…”

He launched some shockwaves at the Atlantean, half focused on avoiding attacks and half focused on the conversation. “Megan has some potent stuff in there. Arish ordered a full evacuation.”

Now wasn’t the time for sadness. The beast clawed its way towards us even in a flurry of attacks. Searing heat filled the air as I attempted to sever its arm with a blade of magma.

Emperor roared again, and swung the sword.

“We can’t kill this thing.”

I frowned. A stray skyship caught the corner of my eye.
“Then we can at least save Megan. I’m sure she’s the War Sea’s best hope for survival.”

He nodded, with some unidentifiable look in his eyes.

“Megan!” He shouted to the pale woman. “Run. Run like hell. Don’t look back. Save the War Seas. Goodbye…”

She nodded, I couldn’t tell how she was feeling.


I took hold of his arm and directed my energy up towards the skyship.

Within seconds we had the sails unfurled, and we were moving.

The Atlantean leapt up towards us, and attempted to attack our skyship.

The wind blew hard, taking us away from Cirrus as we repelled the attacks.

Dark fog rolled in on either side, similar to the fog which hung over the lower parts of the sea constantly nowadays. We had entered the dark sea.

From below, a serpent as wide as four sailboats rose up from the water.
Emperor, the Leviathan, finally showed its true form.

Atlantean Log

Emperor, the Leviathan



[Base Form]: A giant man equipped with mail of silver shells, shoulder plates of Alpha White Eye scales and a cape of a mysterious fabric.

The head of a Leviathan, which makes them look similar to a Dragonborn if you know what they look like.

(it’s a massive sea serpent dragon thing - have fun)

Abilities and Weapons:
Ancient Weapon - The Greatsword of Shattered Space
Ancient Magic - Genesis Zero
Lost Magic - Portal 2 but magic


“Detecting multiple leviathan class lifeforms in the region. Are you certain whatever you’re doing is worth it?”

welp, there goes cirrus :saluting_face:

I hope they can rebuilt now that they’ve lost 3 of their best fighters.

atp its a lost cause :sob::sob: off to Skyhall to beg to those sky supremacists for refuge :skull:

What did genesis zero magic do again

“Oop they gone now”
– Genesis Zero users, probably

Basically, hitting someone with an attack would send them to a void-like dimension for 5 minutes

Can we eat the sea serpent