[ABYSS SEA] Tale of Chad Altaïr, Guardian of Redwake (Chapter 3)

As always, expect some SPaG errors.

“Are we near Redwake?“
The now not-so-lonely sailor has let the stranger take the helm an hour ago, since he was able to see farther and clearly.
”Yes. It’s even in my line of sight.” responded the stranger.
”Great. I was just thinking, what’s your name, you didn’t tell me.” asked Chad Altaïr.
”Eliott. And yours?”
”Chad Altaïr” replied Altaïr.
”Good to know. Also… do you have something to hide your face and your arms?” retort Eliott.
”We have some masks in the hold of the ship. But will you tell me what the fuck do I have on my face?” asked Altaïr.
”I prefer not.” responded Eliott.

As they were approaching Redwake, Eliott gave signals to warn that this isn’t an atlantean ship. Once they docked, Eliott guided Chad through Redwake to Chief Alfarin.
”Eliott! What are you doing? You can’t just come unannounced, we’re in the middle of a crisis!” shouted Redwake’s chief.
”I know” responded calmly Eliott “But this is very important. Chad, before showing your face, say something to reassure them.“
”Uh, got it. My appearance may not be trustworthy, but I can assure you that I come in peace.” claimed Chad Altaïr.
As Chad took off his mask and removed the bandages from his arms, the entire room gasps, and the guards immediately draw their weapons.
”ELIOTT! What were you thinking by bringing a lost sailor here! Are you crazy?!” screamed Alfarin.
”I know that this is crazy! But this guy right here has perfect control on his body, like he wasn’t infected at all!” quickly replied Eliott.
One of the guard panicked, and seeing that his target is blind, throwed a spear towards Altaïr, but with his sensing, he saw the incoming attack, and dodged the attack.
”What the-”
”See? He’s not the regular type of lost sailor. I don’t know how he has done this, but he survived an 80 days journey in the Dark Sea.” said Eliott, taking advantage of the situation.
Alfarin thought a few seconds, then said:
”He can stay for three days, and has to be constantly watched by guards, including you Eliott.” then he added “In three days, I’ll take my final decision.“

After this, Eliott led Chad, who put on his mask and bandages again, to the doctor. The doctor welcomed them and asked Altaïr to lay down on a table.
”Before doing anything, I’d like to know more about my patient. First, could you show me your face please” said the doctor.
And so, Chad Altaïr, once again, took off his mask.
”Oh, I can definitely see your problem.”
”Will someone finally tell me what the fuck do I have on my face.” said Altaïr, exasperate.
”Barnacles” simply replied the doctor.
”Excuse me what?”
”You have barnacles all over your face. Isn’t that what you wanted to know?” responded the doctor. “But enough of your appearance, tell me more about yourself. I’ll operate you after knowing you a bit more. Are you a magic user?”
”Yes. I can use Ash Magic.” said Altaïr.
”Fantastic! How old are you then?”
”Something like 117 years old.” replied Chad
”Tell me more about your childhood.”
”My parents were fishermen. Both of them, most of the time I was just helping them. They were both magicless, so they were very happy when I discovered I was able to use magic, at the age of 19. But I suffered what almost every wizard is doomed to live, at least most of the time.”
”Which is?” asked the doctor.
”I outlived my parents. I outlived my brothers and sisters. I outlived my nephews and nieces. The only member of my family I haven’t outlived is one of my great nephews, who’s also a magic user and the only family I have left.”
”Oh. That’s quite sad. Sorry for you.”
”When I was around my 60’s, I decided to travel around the seas, that’s when I met 3 of my closest friends. Godwin Lames, a Dark Sea explorer, Gabriel Salore, a really powerful light magic user, and Robin Banks, a madman for explosions.”
”We have a Gabriel Salore in Redwake, but he’s not like your description at all. He’s using some sort of fighting style linked to sea water and waters. Also he only has one hand.”
”Yeah, that’s not my guy.”
”I just remembered, but you really spent 80 days in the Dark Sea?”
”Something like that.”
”This level of mutation should be seen after something like, 50-ish days in the Dark Sea. No, even 40-ish days. How did you manage to resist this well? Do you have any ideas?”
”Maybe that one time where a crazy alchemist kidnapped me.”
”Tell me more.” quickly said the doctor. “Because I don’t see any link to what I said.“
”Well, like I said, an alchemist kidnapped me, and he did an experiment on me. He brew some sort of yellow potion and injected it straight into my veins. My body did not really like that, but the alchemist kept me alive with his healing magic. After 10 days of feeling nothing but pain, my body seemed to have accepted the potion. The Grand Navy found him some hours after that, and they freed me.” explained Chad Altaïr.
”So you’re telling me that a mad man injected in your body a warding potion?”
”Uh, maybe? I don’t really know I don’t really have any knowledge on potions.” said Chad Altaïr. “But now, I would like to finally know. What the fuck is happenning in the Bronze Sea?“
”The short version or the long version?”
”I don’t need the details.”
”Then after we felt a shockwave, the atlanteans broke out of the Dark Sea and invaded the War Seas.”
”… I think I didn’t want to know after all. But can we get back to the main topic, aka you healing or at least try to heal me?”
”Yes of course. However, I must warn you that your eyes are beyond healing. I should be able to take off the scales on your arms and the barnacles on your face. Sorry for your eyes.”
”That won’t be a problem. Now, do your work.”

After a 3 hours long surgery, Chad Altaïr had now almost completely recovered. To celebrate, Eliott invited him to the Red Fin. As they entered the Red Fin, the only person they saw was a man with only one hand, drinking some lemonade, since alcohol is a precious resoource in the apocalypse. Suddenly he stood up, and quickly approached Eliott and Chad Altaïr.
”You, with the beard.” said the one handed man by pointing at Chad Altaïr. “I need to ask you a few questions.”
”I’m honestly not in the mood to do that.” answered Altaïr.
”I don’t care. Do you use ash magic and Iron Leg?”
”Do you know people named Godwin Lames and Robin Banks?”
”Are you named Chad Altaïr?”
”Final question, are you one of the founders of the Expedition Group of the Dark Sea?”
”Oh shit it’s you!” almost screamed the man.
”What?” responded Chad, confused.
”It’s me! Gabriel Salore! Don’t you recognize me?”

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This one is a bit longer than the other ones (I think). It also took it’s time to come out, but I had some exams.
Btw current look of Chad Altaïr:


At last good ol barnacle face has a happy reunion :hugs:

Aww, he has a happy childhood-

That’s a depressing reality for magic users…

i like the portrayal of lost sailors here! Like sure, they’re beginning to undergo mutation and have probably lost most of their sanity, but they’re still pretty much humans, just much more scared and isolated.

be kind to your local lost sailors!

Vitality numero uno!!!


a true chad
but wait…
what if gabriel is a warlock and started only using his fists for combat after they ‘departed’?
or he drank acrimoney potion

I forgor to add one thing (it’s added now)

Chad Altair looking good. You are an amazing writer. Keep going

Well that’s planned, it’s just that rn I can’t write properly (there’s no way I’m writing on mobile)

oh i thought it had something to do with your first language with bad grammar examples like

I’m usually writing these at 9 to 10 PM without being english (I don’t use google translate) so errors like this are to be expected.
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