[ABYSS SEA] - The Harvest Coalition

The Harvest Coalition

A reimagining of my OCs, Arthur Galleon and his rival Charlotte Emilia Stokes, forced to work together in order to defend Harvest Island from the invading Atlanteans. Criticism welcome. Harvest Island is obviously a lot bigger than what it looks like ingame.
Now has a spot on the Trello.

Arthur used to be a bounty hunter before the invasion of the War Seas, tracking down pirate queen Charlotte. Both used Fire magic and were proficient in weaponry, so each of their battles were a test of who was simply better in their shared abilities.

When the Atlanteans began invading, both were duelling at Harvest Island, until they spotted a small fleet of Navy, Syndicate, Ravenna, and Merchant ships all being followed in the distance by a sinister-looking squadron of frigates, barques, and barques - all led by a massive ship of the line, with… something utterly incomprehensible at the front of the armada. In that moment, both realized they were in something bigger than themselves.

As the human ships quickly docked, the captains and officers of every ship begged the pair to help them. Their clash of fire and steel was what convinced the crews that the two were powerful warriors, hopefully able to drive the monsters back.

Sarlovèze, who had allowed the pair to duel as long as they didn’t disturb him, came out of his hut and offered assistance. The humans hastily created a plan and fortified the island, arming themselves with cannons, muskets, and any scraps of firepower they could find. They decided to utilize the massive whirlpools in the center of the island, funneling the Atlanteans into the water to drown and crush them. Any survivors would be barraged by magic and ammunition.

Despite heavy losses in a devastating battle, the humans managed to drive back the thousand-strong force. Five hundred humans stained the grass with blood in their eternal rest, and eight hundred more monsters lay at the bottom of the sea. Arthur and Charlotte awakened their true power as Conjurers; Sarlovèze awakened as a Berserker and learned Boxing from an infected Souvella before she sailed a caravel loaded with gunpowder into the heart of the remaining fleet.

In their brief respite, volunteers from all walks of life sailed back out to sea, returning with ships damaged or missing outright, but with more humans to turn Harvest Island from an island to a fortress on the same level as Silverhold. Any infectious outbreaks were quelled by who would be known as the Three Sentinels, working tirelessly to ensure the survival of the Harvest Coalition.

The humans had to innovate and adapt, making strides in weaponry. Flintlocks and muskets paved the way for modern revolvers, lever-actions, and coach guns - their one advantage against the beasts was intellect and superior firepower. The Atlanteans had not given up on claiming Harvest Island, though. An unfaltering siege meant that the humans constantly had to repel assault after assault.

Arthur and Charlotte decided they had to leave. Too many humans knew the Sentinels’ lives were infinitely more valuable, sacrificing themselves to ensure the leadership of Harvest Island stayed strong. Morale plummeted every day as hardened veterans began dying out, and less refugees managed to break through the blockade.

In the dead of night, the two conjurers, along a staunchly loyal crew with powerfully enchanted gear, set out on Arthur’s personal ship: The Excalibur. The heavily armed ship of the line smashed through the blockade, opened fire on every beast they saw, and sailed off to the Epicenter in hopes of finding a way to end the invasion. Sarlovèze remained as the leader of the Harvest Coalition, one of the few remaining strongholds in the Bronze Sea.

Nobody has seen the other two Sentinels since - but sometimes rescued sailors swear they can see a roaring inferno cutting swathes through Atlantean ships, far off in the horizon.


yeah they’re alive and not infected but the dark sea kinda sucks

Arthur Galleon - Sentinel of the Harvest Coalition
Status - Alive, uninfected
Insanity - 0
Not insane, thanks to the Warding gear that his expeditionary force has.
Currently in the Dark Sea, sailing to the Epicentre in hopes of ending the invasion.

Charlotte Emilia Stokes - Sentinel of the Harvest Coalition
Status - Alive, uninfected
Insanity - 0
Also not insane. Warding is love Warding is life
The Co-Captain of The Excalibur, the legendary flagship of the Harvest Coalition sailing to the Epicentre.

The pair are extremely close, although not romantic due to the constant stress of the Dark Sea
they probably need a room