Add an option / button for claiming islands

Add an option / button for claiming islands
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Title says is, add like a button for claiming islands because sometimes i don’t want to take over an island like i am going to x island to do something but i want to take over harvest and i don’t want to take over the island because i don’t want to go to harvest first and then to the island making like 2x the time i would normally do

or maybe do it an option like “island capturing enabled”

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also so the annoying “island claim limit” doesn’t pop up every fkn second

I’d like this. Sometimes you want to go do something on a claimed island and you’re basically forced to take it from the person that’s claimed it even if you don’t want to, and other times it makes you claim an island with low infamy gain while other available islands would give higher infamy


Oh god yes, most people cant litteraly bounty hunt Harvest island because its claimed by someone else, BUT THERE ARE 3 NPC PLACES

We need this. I’m part of a clan but if I’m the only one online I like to avoid claiming Harvest to avoid pvp (my laptop runs on a potato battery and can’t handle pvp). I’ve had to negotiate with clans that have Harvest claimed to not kill me so I can defeat my rival. Also the claim limit notification is really frickin annoying

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