ADIM: Lost Things - Chapter IV: Tolerable

Now that Carson had no one to stop him from taking his parents’ amulets, he finally had something to remind him of them—even if it also served as a reminder of their deaths.

“I’m done.” Carson tucked the amulets in his pocket as he turned back to Virgil. This time, Virgil’s expression felt strange, but Carson couldn’t pinpoint how. Had he always looked like this?

For the first time, he couldn’t read anything from his expressions. The more Carson stared back at him, the more his face seemed to blur. Like Virgil’s face, his voice was muffled—as if he was speaking from the other room.

But Virgil was standing right in front of him, wasn’t he?

Before Carson could recognize what was happening to his senses, Virgil’s grab on Carson’s shoulder made him jolt.

“Carson? You heard me?”


Carson hesitantly nodded, he remembered this happening during his years as a Sun Rage bandit. The fact Virgil caught him in this state was enough to get his heart pumping—as if there was an actual threat.

As Virgil held his hands, Carson could clearly see Virgil’s eyes widen in surprise. “Oh, no… We better head back. Your hands are cold.”

Carson shared Virgil’s concern, too, now that it had gotten this bad already. Dealing with the mess inside his head was already a pain in the ass, not to mention the other symptoms he hid to survive.

But now that his life wasn’t threatened, he didn’t know what to do next, except to trust Virgil to bring them back home safely.

Carson stared in the mirror, looking at the fool in front of him. For someone who had always defaulted to grey or dull-colored outfits, seeing himself in green felt strange—as if it was too vibrant for someone like him.

“How’s this one?” John asked as his reflection joined the mirror.

“Eh, I don’t know… Isn’t green more of your color?”

“Anyone can wear green, Carson.”

“Yeah, yeah…”

As the two bantered, Carson caught a glance of Virgil smiling at them from behind.

“What’s wrong?” Carson asked Virgil, knowing it was the first time Carson had seen Virgil like this. There’s nothing special happening today, right?

“Nothing,” Virgil replied, as his smile remained. Even if Carson wasn’t used to this kind of smile, he knew Virgil had no malice in that expression.

“So, what’d you think about this shirt?” John asked Carson.

“Hmm. Not bad, but I don’t know about the color. The size’s great, though. Where’d you get this one?”

“From Jane’s store. She has more clothes in your size, if you want them.”

“That’s enough clothes for today…”

“Okay, guess we’re done for this morning.” John grabbed and carried his bag, as he headed outside of the house. But before he went out to work, he turned to Carson. “Don’t run away again, alright?”

“Yeah, yeah. It’s been a week.”

John sighed, as he looked at both Carson and Virgil. “Just take care, then. I’ll be home at nine.”

Once John left, Carson and Virgil carried the clothes upstairs to their room, adding more outfits to Carson’s wardrobe.

It wasn’t the best week in Carson’s life, but Virgil and John made it more tolerable. Virgil had been snapping him out of the past that still haunted him, and they had gotten closer with each passing day. And despite John’s personality, Carson had grown to tolerate—or even appreciate his presence more.

Now that Carson had thought about it, he hadn’t expressed his feelings towards the two. He’s not the type to say sappy things, but now that Virgil was with him, he might as well say it.

“Hey, Virgil… Thanks.”

Virgil looked a bit surprised, and Carson had already regretted not having better words—until Virgil smiled back, as if he already knew what Carson wanted to say.

“Don’t mention it. You’re with us, after all.”

For all the years Carson had lived, his face had never felt this hot before. He knew he didn’t deserve Virgil—or even a place to go after his escape.

Before Carson could say anything else, Virgil went to the bookshelf and picked out a book. It was the same book about Charms, that Carson borrowed for him.

“I’m practicing more of this downstairs. Care to join me?”

Carson eagerly nodded, as he had been looking forward to Virgil’s thing with charms—considering how he was busy with his work and Carson.

They then left the room together, with Virgil heading downstairs first. But as Virgil took the first step, Carson froze at the sight of Virgil falling down the stairs, and crashing onto the ground.

Virgil remained still for a moment, with the book held to his chest.

What should Carson do at this moment?
  • Immediately go downstairs to check on Virgil, and maybe help him get up.
  • Watch Virgil from there, until he gets up on his own or he appears to struggle with getting up.

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Writer's Notes

shoutout to that one moment i went “hmm. how do i end carson’s part and start virgil’s one” and then “oh i know, push virgil down the stairs (with a story purpose)!”

also i drew carson and virgil yesterday

now this makes me feel like drawing either of them with john, but there haven’t been any big moments with john yet

also y’all will get to vote the polls from virgil’s pov, starting from next week/chapter (woo!)