ADIM: Lost Things - Chapter VII: Crumbling Confidence

Even if the footsteps would normally concern Virgil, this was an exception. He could’ve been stressing himself to the point of hearing voices, once again. And if there were actually someone else, it would probably be Emma or other alchemists using this tower.

He then ignored the footsteps, until a familiar voice called. “Virgil?”

It was John, who had just arrived at this floor.

“Oh, hey. When’d you come back?”

“I just arrived home. Carson told me you’ve been locking yourself up here, practicing charms. Is everything alright?”

“I didn’t lock—yeah, everything’s alright.”

“That’s nice to hear.” John stepped inside the carpet where Virgil was, looking at the amulet placed in front of him. “Were you about to practice?”


“Ah, nice.” John smiled. “You know, I didn’t know you’re interested in charms. That’s great.”

Noticing how John seemed sincere—unlike the times he was being passive-aggressive towards someone else, Virgil nodded., sensing that John wasn’t too happy. Virgil couldn’t pinpoint what’s up with John, but he’s probably not too happy about Virgil’s whole deal with charms.

After a brief silence, John asked, “Say, how’s the charming going?”

Virgil’s words got stuck in his throat, and he better answer quickly.

  • Reply with a genuine, yet pathetic sounding answer.
  • Reply with something that wouldn’t worry John too much.
  • Take some time to properly think of an answer.

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Writer's Notes

take care of your health guys

also how likely do you think I’ll make virgil or some other adim protags cry in this series
just wondering