ADIM: Lost Things - Chapter VIII: Friendship Gifts

Something to charm Carson’s amulets with… It would be the best idea to charm it with something he could use—and the first idea that came to Virgil’s mind was the agility charm.

“What’d you think of agility charm?” Virgil asked Carson.

“Yeah, I’m fine with that.”


Once Virgil and Carson arrived at the floor for charms, Virgil swiftly placed the amulets down, and he reviewed the exact words for the agility charm in his head—while Carson was watching.

If agility was considered one of the basic charms, Virgil might as well make it more special—with the techniques he learned while he was practicing more advanced charms.

For agility,” Virgil chanted, as his consciousness returned to the same trance, where the entire process took place. He allowed the charm’s essence to manifest and grow, to the point of draining his own force. Once he noticed his weakened state, he concentrated the rest of his energy on the amulets in front of him—imbuing the essence into them before he could fall, as each amulet got a fair share of it.

When he snapped himself out of the trance, dizziness struck his vision for a moment, before he picked the amulets up. Sensing the agility charm in each individual amulet, he pieced them together—creating a denser magical aura in the air.

It’s working.

Before Virgil could feel a sense of accomplishment, he knew that wasn’t an impressive trick—any other charmers could’ve easily done this. When Carson asked for the amulets, Virgil almost hesitated.

After wearing both amulets on his neck, Carson strolled around—his eyes fixating on his quickened steps. Before Carson could end up hitting a shelf with his enhanced speed, Virgil caught him.

“You can take one of them off, and it’ll be slower.”

Carson removed an amulet from his neck as he took a few mindful steps backwards. “Oh, I get it. That’s neat.”

“Should I adjust anything? I could try making the effects lighter—”

“Nope, it’s already perfect. I would kill for something like this.” Carson wore both amulets again. “I’ll get used to it. And thanks for these.”

For a moment, Virgil’s progress in charms seemed a bit more impressive to him. But either way, as long as Carson didn’t hate them, Virgil would already be happy.

Once Virgil and Carson were done with the charms, they returned home. John hadn’t returned from his work, and Virgil doubt he’d be back ‌soon.

As this was the day Virgil wanted to spend more time with Carson, and John seemed more tired yesterday, he thought of an idea. “Hey, Carson. Wanna cook something together?”

“Hmm… Yeah, why not? What are we cooking?”

Help Virgil decide on what to cook for John! (the meal will be based on the two results with the most votes)
  • Something that’s readily available in their pantry.
  • Something both Carson and Virgil could definitely cook. (For reference, Virgil’s cooking skills are decent, while Carson just started getting into cooking few days ago.)
  • Something more special, and good for John’s health.
  • Something John enjoys.
  • A comfort meal both Carson and Virgil would agree on.

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Writer's Notes

life is a tornado and I’m a cow being spun around by it for cinematic value