ADIM: Lost Things - Chapter X: I Hope Nothing Goes Wrong

John’s morning had passed like usual, except Carson didn’t wake up early enough for John’s and Virgil’s breakfast time. Hopefully, Carson would get something to eat on his own.

Once he arrived at the guild hall, noticing the crowd that was building up, he searched around one of his co-workers, Zoey.

“John!” a familiar voice called, as Zoey made her way out of the crowd, heading towards John. “Did you have the keys?!”

Once John located Zoey, he shuffled inside his bag, picking out what he thought were the same keys she asked for. “These?”

“Yeah, let’s see.” Zoey grabbed the keys from John, checking if the keys were all intact.

Right now, it was almost time to start today’s work, as they headed off to their own rooms to check on the items for today’s auctions. Most of the time, John would do this job alone—but now that Zoey was recently assigned to work at Ironport’s auction guild, he ought to assist her, too.

As John went through the items they were about to sell in the afternoon—scrolls, weapons, and such—his uncertainty grew. But from where? He didn’t know. It was probably his overthinking tendencies that would pass, eventually.

“Hey, John!” Zoey slammed the door open in a rush. “We’re starting our afternoon auction soon. You need any help?”

“Eh, don’t worry about it. I can do this.” John shook his head at Zoey, as she then did a thumbs up and left. Now that he had a few minutes to spare, he could do a few things here…

How should John spend the last few minutes?
  • Maybe refresh himself? Splashing water on his face, drinking water, something along those lines.
  • It couldn’t hurt to go through the items again, just to make sure.
  • Think about where exactly did the uncertain feeling come from, and try to reduce it.

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Writer's Notes

aside from the usual “school and health are beating my ass” notes, i think i should say something else

to be fair, like this part’s name, i hope i can manage to wrap up lost things eventually

also man the recent stress I’ve been having got me feeling like drawing king David again. either that or eating some bricks.