Aether and Darkness should have Ancient equivalents

I think that Aether and Darkness should either be promoted to be Ancient, or have Ancient’s equivalent (Life & Death don’t count) since they are like two of the most pure forces out there.

equinox is an ancient and it’s basically both of them


No Equinox is Shadow + Light, I’m talking about Darkness and Aether having Ancient equivalents

i feel like life and death do count as ancient equivelants though

theres already enough light + shadow variants i think youll be fine without another ancient equivelant to them

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An Ancient magic that is only Light and one that is only Shadow, Equinox is a mix of both

No, since they concentrate on a perticular aspect of Light & Shadow, Good and Evil, while no Magic is inherently evil or good, I’m talking about “neutral” equivalents

Life, nah because that’s equivalent to healing magic. I’m pretty sure if you were to clash same level aether and darkness you’d till get an equinox reaction

Life and Death totally do count.

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doesnt sound too bad tbh, aether’s a bit underwhelming with what we know about right now but having “wither” as it status effect sounds cool good enough to promote darkness to ancient

they’re basically just more powerful shadow and light so equinox counts

death counts but life doesnt

Nope, techlevel said that Aether + Darkness Equinox reaction is weaker than Light and Shadow’s since they are less “pure”

thats true i honestly forget healing magic existed lol
but anyway what would an equivelant to aether be? its already pure white light, i dont think it could get any brighter, same for darkness

I’m not saying that Death shouldn’t exist, it’s just that it’s not a direct upgrade of Shadow since Shadow isn’'t an “evil” Magic

void and radiance maybe ?

( totally not a hk reference )

base light is brighter it seems


neither is death lol

Someone like the Magics of the first light/ the first shadow, like what promethean flame is to fire, the first and purest form of it

It’s in the Lore Facts of the Arcane Lore encyclopedia, tech says clearly that no magic is inherently evil

Also, I don’t think aether and darkness deserve ancient anyways. Equinox, death, and life already exist up there. If you were to make ancient versions of them, there’s really not a lot of creativity that can be had at that point