AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Arcane April, Day 24)

Cryptic confusing quotes
Detailed in unclear notes,
You might ask for hints
But your message will be minced

Some are smart yet go through hell
For confirmation is never given,
Until a new journey takes the helm
You’ll be cursed to only listen

I’ve tried to wrap my mind around this
But I’d rather argue with an annoying fish,
I’d end up smacking my head against a wall
Maybe one of you can guess it all

Frustrating riddles crawl through our heads
Perhaps until we are all dead,
…Or maybe this journey will unfold soon…
So grab your boat, and ready your harpoon!


ah the lore pain

also the title caught me off guard lmao

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great title

fishe’s return has been prophesized

doom draws nearer

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Eh, I’ll just deep fry him again.