Arcane April 2021 Prompts! [ ArcaneApril2021 ]

For this April, we’ve got a special challenge inspired by Vetex’s Games!

What’s this thing? Well, it’s for the content creators to do anything inspired by the prompts for each day! Artists? Writers? Musicians? Forum posters? You’re all welcome for this ride!

Plus, no need to make things inspired by this prompt list every day! You can post your content inspired by the prompt daily, weekly, or randomly! This was made to give everyone something to do every day, so yeah.

As long as you keep the ‘Arcane April 2021’ somewhere in your post, we’re good! (If you plan to post your content on other sites, feel free to include ArcaneApril2021 as the keyword/hashtag! )

Shoutout to @tong for compiling the ideas into one single image + suggesting some ideas!

As this post was created on March 31st (for me), you guys can go prepare for the first day with the “Treasure” prompt!

time to use this space to feature things people have created, inspired by the prompts!

Day 1 - Treasure

Day 2 - Shop

Day 3 - Money

Day 4 - Sea

Day 5 - Favorite NPC

Day 6 - Pose

Day 7 - Freeze

Day 8 - Mask

Day 9 - Battle

Day 10 - Effects

Day 11 - Quest

Day 12 - Favorite Location

Day 13 - Scar

Day 14 - Favorite Weapon

Day 15 - Level Up

Day 16 - Enemies

Day 17 - Favorite Magic/Skill

Day 23 - Adventure

Day 24 - Lore

Day 28 - Weapon

Day 31 - Memorable moment



:muscle: lets gooo

grr im on homework arc rn :amnger:

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Random bullshit doodles GOOO

day 31 seem interesting

i’m down pog

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Maybe… I make a riddle?




it’s gonna be hard though

but hey

as long as you make one, it’s all good for this challenge!

anyone reading this, i am looking forward of what yall come up with
me personally i like the idea but shit makes me cant do all of them

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kinda missed out on the opportunity to say


This should be intresting, might join if I muster the motivation

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april fools Motherfucker.

Number 11 is Quest hahahaha :crazy_face:

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Behold, the Powerful Orange Clown Nose! (Day 1)


It game and all until someone put it on and say we live in a society

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I’ll do this if the urge strikes me ig. Who knows may even write an actual story instead of a shitpost :troll:

Day 2 - shop
doodle bc hw lol