All Guilds are the same

That means there’s more factors :fr:

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We do that because when they attack them they will log within the next 10 seconds (Hypocritical asf I know but shut up)

Only like 6 people in Roselight actually PvP. SunCry is the same, 80% of their guild doesnt PvP. All guilds claim to be welcoming and nice because they are, only a select few people from the guilds actually farm.

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I wonder how long can people keep doing that imagine 2 years later suncry with 2 million infamy they literally wasted 2 years by finding people that is fishing or afk in servers to 1vs10 gang them and get 1 infamy.

Isn’t the game less than 10% done? Obviously there’s not gonna be many ways to gain infamy right now, and any other method could just be macro’d

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and then this guy continues to call said guilds ‘unwelcoming’

He’s fr complaining about something that’s gonna change soon

Just like @CharacterPack4 said, in AO there will be region capturing and then infamy wont be PvP based 100% of the time.

Exactly my point, if there’s only one way to gain Infamy at the moment, you’re gonna have to do that certain method regardless.

I dont wnat AO to be like that. i dont care a crab about WoM since vetex announced AO. i want to live the same thing i experienced in Arcane Adventure, but with todays possibilites. vetex developed himself alot in 5-6 years i can only imagine how good game will be when it releases fully. I dont want random idiots to ruin that

Then do what the rest of the community is doing and be patient. Take a break until it releases you ain’t missing shit.

did you just contradict your own point?

Fr he just said he doesnt care about wom while making a rant about the current state of the game

yup! im been doing this since last map expansion! its getting boring


did i? can you mark the part i did

Then what was the point of making this god damn post?

The problem is this people will be in AO too idc about WoM they will keep doing the same in AO

To say we preach for a good community while we try to grow doing whatever we need to?