All Guilds are the same

Almost every popular guild claim they are peaceful, nice, welcoming etc.
But they are all the same. Is there a low level guy that has no idea about game and he is in a guild? kill it. A guy is fishing alone and in a guild? kill it! a dude is grinding because he cant afford even a wizard robe? kill it with fire! All of them are same. All of them are suncry but with some differences. I personally hate guilds and their purposes You cant just murder an innocent child sitting there, not harming anybody. well if you really want that infamy go ask for a duel, dont sneak behind and attack 10vs1 at same time.


And if they decline the duel?

(I never really grind infamy for guilds but this is a serious question)

First of all, I fully disagree with this, yes, every single guild does kill other guilds for infamy i dont know maybe because it’s the only way to gain infamy and infamy is the factor which makes their guild good. Most guilds are very different to eachother, and full of nice people, the fact that you don’t notice guilds like this actually surprise me, as I can list quite a few Rookie and Average Guilds who are very welcoming, and actually nice people.

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That never happened to me probably because i was the side asking for a duel or they just sneak up to me and killed me

I’d say a* factor

OF COURSE EVERY GUILD KILLS FOR INFAMY FUCK FACE! The fuck do you want us to do? Kiss your ass? Rob a bank? Beat the fuck out of minotaur for the 4349549576439752476th time? We get infamy because that’s how we fucking grow. Don’t like it? Don’t be in a guild it’s not hard. We’re a nice community but we don’t tolerate dumbasses like you crying about being killed without their consent because it’s the only way to grow as a guild.

Tl;Dr shut the fuck up dumbass


The only factor, I don’t mean to disagree with you, or be too personal, but if you compare a random new guild to a leaderboard guild, it’s obvious who is better, due to their infamy count.

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I believe there is a few but very most of them are doing the same thing.
I was once looking for a guild they greet me really good, thought they was cool people but today they sniped me with daggers while i am fishing. i rather guilds to do 6vs6 guild battles for infamy, not seek for a single person in server and gang it for a single infamy

Maybe that’s because it’s all a guild can do?

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Do guild battles, also you should return to kindergarten till you learn to be respectful. ignorant child


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Bruh this dude fr be an actual fuckin clow-

Okay lemme get this straight. You’re a level 90 in a guild? We track you down and kill you. You have two options.

  1. Fight back
  2. Run.

Running should be easy right? Or. Just don’t be in a guild…


Yes yes! i will fight back because they already sniped me with their throwables and my health is at half i am turning my camera towards them uh oh 2 blasts already hit me i am drawing my sw- oops im dead

Ya bro, I’m sure Josh is actually a PvP god who only spams reset to commit seppuku

Nobody thinks certain guilds are good regardless of infamy. What’s next, you gonna say Doge Nation chad?


Oh my god… You can’t be serious right now

Literally no guild will agree to a large guild war rn. It’ll end in a mismatch from either side. All we can do is just hunt down guilds. Declaring guild wars won’t cut it.

Also are you trying to call me ignorant while complaining about a game mechanic?

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If you’re in a guild, you’d realise that you would get ganked for infamy, you’d realise that nothing could be fair about it, due to said guild’s current status.
You’re the type of guy to complain about that factor because you’re too lazy to improve yourself or any factor of a guild you’re in, but just accept your weak and cry about it, although you’ll come to realise very few people, probably alike to yourself, would agree with your statement.

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first of all, i’d never compliment doge nation of all things

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But but… infamy is the only factor!!!..

yes but doge king pee

I am not trying to call you ignorant. I am calling you ignorant. this game is ------
not hitman simulator ("-----" stands for vetex type games, if you played arcane adventures you know how games he make.) go play hitman or online dating simulator if you love sneaking people from behind