Alright, my honest opinions on this update

Made some edits to the post
this update brought a lot of things that i wished for and that were needed,
but it also sucks.

The Storyline

Story Quests

Honestly, the quests for the storyline so far just feel like chores. Since there was no level cap increase this update, doing them felt pretty pointless for half the playerbase which is at max level. Most we got out of it was just getting the ability to track down our respective bosses, once.


The bosses, as I’m writing this, have broken spawns in multiple various servers. I was literally not able to find a single one with tracking on, and me and my friend (who are both good and bad rep), went through 15 servers and were not able to find a SINGLE boss.
EDIT: So, I managed to find a server with working bosses. Their fights are very fluid and they really feel like damage sponges, so hitting them with a bunch of hits feels super satisfying. Only issue I’ve had is that Minotaur spams axe throw quite a lot, and exiled’s sword slash barrage move thing is really hard to dodge.

The Combat Changes


With the damage nerfs, beams now are just more range, faster placed explosions. They’re also not reliable for chasing down runners anymore.

Damage Rebalance

These changes were really overtuned. Poison users are completely written out of the game as you can easily outregen their DoT now, and their attacks do ticklish damage. Ice users are even more useless now, since ice is slow and does medium damage. The bleed synergy doesn’t have as much impact, and isn’t really worth it anymore. Why? Cause gold does almost as much damage as an ice user would do on a bleeding target. Gold and iron completely overshadow all other magics now as their damage is insane compared to most other magics, which struggle too much to do any real harm.

The fact that fast magics with DoT needed to do less damage and slower magics needed to do more was more than welcome, but it was taken wayyy too far as these changes just completely killed some magics and made others stupidly OP. I don’t think this should be reverted, but just tuned down a bit.
also please buff ice it’s sooo bad now


Shields felt like they never broke before, so the fact that they have an actual HP bar now is fine and welcome.

Weapon Changes

Weapon changes are always welcome, but somehow, weapons are now better to use than most magics…
Also, why nerf heavy attacks? That’s a really weird one.

Sunken Sword

The increase in cooldown and decrease in damage was needed. The sword was too spammy and anyone who didn’t have one was completely overshadowed.

Other Smaller Changes

Rain and Weather

Very rare, haven’t spotted any rain clouds yet.

Fish Rotting

What the actual hell is this? Fishing was already boring and painful enough as it was, but now it’s hardly profitable? Well screw fishing, I already have a sunken sword, I’m never touching my fishing rod ever again!

Gaining and Losing Rep from Magius News

Cool feature. I dig it. Makes achieving some of reputation levels like saint easier now, and also encourages you to want to actually get yourself in the news.

Server Region Information

YES. Thank you! This is such a good change. I love being able to look at the bottom right and seeing what region I’m currently in whilst playing.

Inbox Changes

Organization is never bad, but the mass amount of information that pops up on a sudden click could be a lot to take in, and can easily scare off a new player.

Criminal Record

Honestly, this feature is fine. It’s a good thing that your criminal record goes down over-time if you’re a good rep, cause if this was permanent then it’d honestly really just damage the game.

Level Cap

Well… There was no level cap increase, which is fine, considering that this update was actually meant to be part of the fishing update. Though, due to the amount of time the update took, not giving a small level cap increase, especially to a game where it’s all about progressing forward and getting stronger, kind of wounded the hype.
Honestly though, not that big of a deal to me.


How do I see my criminal record number? And can I see other people’s criminal record

The storyline at the moment is more of an introduction to something that’ll be much better in the future, it literally says “prologue” as you’re doing the quests. You also gotta remember that you’re supposed to start the storyline at level 30. We were all just maxed out so we couldn’t benefit that much from it.

Bosses not spawning are a bug so it’ll get fixed however bosses are cancer to fight. When one spawns the entire server swarms it. It also discourages teamwork since more people fighting = less chance of you getting a drop. Usually it’s a giant FFA at bosses since players want the highest chance of loot themselves. It’ll probably cool down a bit after people start getting the drops they want though.


I don’t understand why the prologue is just a chore. We already have to be level 30 to start, meaning we have time to learn the game and mechanics. Why sugar-coat it with basically “kill this or kill that” with little to no meaning?

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wow fish rots?
damn f—…

Welp,might as well make the game private again for a year or 2

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By level 30 you’ve already probably explored most of the map and are basically revisiting places you’ve already been to.

Ridiculously boring.

(I’m not too sure about how this works someone might have to do the math for me) but the magic power changes seem to have seriously hurt multi blast minimum size blast attacks for weaker magics.

My 3 blast attack at 20% size used to do around 195 damage pre nerf. Now it only does around 145. This drop in damage is proportionally much larger than that for my max size single blasts (The damage from that dropped from around 165 to 135)

So, what has happened here? Does decreasing the size of a blast just not increase the damage as much or does adding more projectiles to an attack drop the damage of individual blasts much more than before?

“good shit! but shit
overall the update sucks”

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Power is now multiplied by your magic’s damage. So for something like light with a super low damage, you get much less benefit from power.

and gold is now op

Yea um, those balance changes to damage were needed. It really didn’t make sense that Power didn’t take a magic’s damage into account and beams getting a ton of damage from Power as well. It makes both magics and beams more balanced, though some magics could use some damage affinity adjustments after this.


I’m just waiting for the next storyline update at this point

I just disagree with fish rotting and the inbox complaint

Fishing IS profitable, you are just not supossed to stack thousands of smelts and tilapias to have extra crowns to trade, just sell the damn fish when you get them.

And about the inbox, how is it unwelcoming to new players? it’s pretty simple, organized, and straight foward

they changed something about the sunken sword? what was it lol

longer cd less damage

my 20%/20% blast now deals like 6 more damage than my 100% sized one :joy:

on the ability?

well damn they increased the melee attack damage

My take on some of the things you mentioned:

Beams - While I don’t see why they were nerfed, because they weren’t super game breaking or anything, the nerf also didn’t change much. It was like a 25 percent less power scaling, so it’s functionally the same as it always has been, but slightly less damage.

It’s always been a small but fast placed explosion, now it just does less damage.

Damage Rebalance - I haven’t messed around with this to know enough. Funnily enough, there was another post complaining that slow magics were useless, due to casting speed buffs or something.

Shields - I don’t see why shields need to occasionally go on 5 minute time outs, but that’s my personal view.

Weapon Changes - The nerf to heavy attacks was because they were the ONLY type of attack used. They beat light attacks in clashes, in dps, reach, AND had hitstun. They were just way better.

Sunken Sword - Nerf it more…? :flushed:

My take on the whole new Update:

The New Story Bosses - They’re fun, and quite challenging, at least to my experience, too bad that you almost never find them. You can’t really do much else after their fights aside from kicking back your chair and waiting for another update to come. Overall, Mixed. As for the story quests themselves, I feel like they’re just rehashed normal quests more than anything.

Combat Changes - I’ve never had good experiences with beams before, I’m somewhat happy with the changes but I can see why others may be disappointed. Damage Rebalance, oof. This hit too close to home, me being a Glass Cannon user, but it was kind of something that was just begging to happen, with the countless threads talking about how broken Strong Enchants were. Shields have HP bars now, interesting change, but a welcome one indeed. Weapon Changes… yeah, why did they nerf Heavy Attacks, I honestly thought they were okay. Also thank god that sunken spam is gone now noOoOO you can’t nerf sunken i totally didn’t run a macro overnight just to get it, I got it fair and square

Small changes - Rain and Weather, it’s now a competition on who can get struck by lightning first. That kinda scares me. Fish rotting is realistic, but why can’t we frame certain valuable fish we caught, this removes the rotting and allows us to hold onto the valuable fish we want to keep. More changes to Magius News is welcome, it’s a cool feature. Server Region is almost mandatory for me due to how crap my internet can be sometimes. And Criminal Records are quite realistic, and a good addition overall.

Overall? I think it’s less of a full update and more of a quality of life more than anything. I can’t really say much else about it. It does have it’s flaws but I do enjoy it a fair bit.