Ambidextrous Warriors

Ambidextrous Warriors
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  1. (of a person) able to use the right and left hands equally well:

“few of us are naturally ambidextrous”

  • (of an implement) designed to be used by left-handed and right-handed people with equal ease:

“an ambidextrous tile gauge”

Why doesn’t this exist already? Warriors are so skilled that they can draw magic energy from the air to enhance their weapons and mages/warriors can literally imbue their weapons but apparently can’t switch what hand they use to wield a weapon.
If you somehow lose a limb and use weapons as ur main damage output say bye to ur pvp run or ds expedition. Losing a limb permanently disables ur abilities to use weapons until you reset (which in some cases cannot be done).
Other classes don’t have this handicap like at all. Mages change their casting style and berserkers can just use their other limbs. Warriors though? Nah get fk’ed.

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just make it so you can dual weild anything is that what im getting from this??

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one handed weapons exist yk

no? Im saying that if you lose one limb you can just switch ur weapon from one hand to the other


so basically shanks from one peice

what if you lose all of ur limbs

for example how spear can be used left handed but bow cannot

pretty sure ur dead then, but thats not the issue here

It’d be cool if warriors used their mouths instead to hold a weapon if it was dual bladed

…you’d be dead by that point regardless.

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makes sense cause you have one arm

whats the point of this mecanic if you are using 2-handed weapons?

to make it so you can use them regardless of limb loss or some?

actually thats a really good point you brought up
dual weapons can be weilded (at least one of them) while missing an arm but it renders them useless. It doesnt even turn it into its single version and by useless I mean you cant shoot or use any moves
i.e Dual pistol → bronze flintknock


basically what i was tryna say

vetex would say its not realistic unfortunately

nothing about arcane games is realistic

dual swords:

you’re not gonna believe this… but… they are just as useless as dual flintknocks in this case :exploding_head:

never heard of flintknocks

a shortranged singleshot defence weapon