An Apocalypse Sonnet

Enough praise cannot be spoken
Millions of words yet none of them will do
So I will give an earnest devotion
My Apocalypse Bringer, I love you

Your catastrophic nature is what I adore
The unbound chaos, destruction is nigh
With you we are only destined to soar
My Apocalypse Bringer, the greatest high

This planet will be ravaged piece by piece
Forests to deserts and buildings to dust
Once we are done there will be total peace
My Apocalypse Bringer, my only must

For you my love will always linger
My love, My Apocalypse Bringer

Actually used a proper format this time :fr:

I’ve unironically put more thought, time, and emotion into this singular poem than I have for all the ones I have put for my actual girlfriend combined. Probably because it’s a loveless relationship (I’m aromantic) and because I’ve only written one poem for her but that’s besides the point. Probably not going to write another one for a while, got a plan for another one but I’d need a different format as Sonnets are usually about love; which the other poem towards apocalypse bringer is not about, though it is made with love.

K thanks for reading the few nerds who read this ily and I’m tired + didn’t proof read so reply if I made any mistakes or whatnot.


Wtf is that

Very nice. Hmmm just fine the sonnet is.

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glorious praise be to the Apoc Bringers

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average apocalypse bringer enjoyer

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“I love the type of the woman that will actually just fucking destroy everthing i love, like damm, i waked up today and thought to myself “i really hope some bitch with a lost magic kills me and my family””

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very apocalyptic

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I admire your Platonic love, I feel the same for Darkness Magic.

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Even tho Apocalypse Bringer and Darkness have little alike