An Old Gen list or the Players-Before-AO-That-Need-To-Be-Remembered list

I’m thinking of creating a player list of old gens or just people that have played wom before ao list.
Might take a lot of work for me but all I need is rblx users, disco users, and forum users. EZ, i think.

y am i doing this, is bc all i do with my life is play wom, try to get better at pvp bc im trash/below average but still better than any beginner. so i have 5-6 months till ao comes out to do this,


Good luck

There’s probably a lot of recognizable or memorable WoM players such as the best PvPers etc, I can’t name any though

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ee uve created sum topics,



cant wait to check this list while talking to people and be like “holy shit you are a newgen”

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So when is this being made

I am gen 9 on a profile lol

percy water

slowly by slowly each day i will add up about as many names i can find, and also a personal quote added to them, first im making a doc and then im gna post the list on forums

Well, if youre making a list of people id like to be on that, been here since beta in AA, feel free to write whatever you see fit as you start to see me around on the forums or in game

the personal quote part wud be hard so im gna do all the names first and then show it to the forum and then people will reply and i will add their quote.

Theres no way youll find all the older pvpers. A fair chunk arent even in the community anymore

yup, but i have 6 months to do it,

ill find ways, eventually, my brain may be the iq of a 7 year old but ehEEEE

Quite a lot of people

All I know is that I preach the good word of snow magic

Good luck 'ere, that list is gonna be big