An update to caves, Tombs

An update to caves, Tombs
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We all have stumbled upon atleast 1 cave system during our first playthrough of the game, and it probably was in Frostmill Island. At first it felt pretty cool; destroying terrain in order to advance in the cave, deciding which way to go when there’s a fork in the road, and stumbling upon secret places and treasure chests. But later on these cave systems began feeling repetitive, usually being a random hole with a couple of treasure chests.

And that brings me down to my suggestion, which is basically to make caves better and more rewarding to explore, all while still being fun to explore. For islands with huge mountains such as Ravenna and Wind-Row Island there should be random spawning pre-set cave systems, this would work like underwater structures where the cave systems automatically spawn as soon as a server is created. Most of these pre-set cave systems are Tombs which will basically be a cave system housing a corpse and a bunch of treasure.

Tombs won’t act like a regular cave system, as they are designed by someone to keep visitors out. They will have multiple traps which will severely damage or even kill the trespasser.


1- A floor that breaks landing you in a pit of spikes which will impale you. This easily shattering floor has a different shade of the floor’s color which allows you to differentiate it. Can appear to form a ravine (large hole in the floor) or it can be planned and only a distinct path will not break the floor (not touching the easily shattering floor).

2- A tripwire which when triggered releases multiple insanity potions throughout the room, if this room spawns it will always be the first part of the cave system. This is done to ward off trespassers and to give the tomb a more spooky vibe.

I’m not sure if the traps should one-shot you or just do damage so

  • Traps should always one-shot the player
  • Traps should take away a set percentage of the players health
  • Traps should deal a set number of damage
  • Some traps should one-shot while others take a percent of your health
  • Some traps should one-shot while others deal a set number of damage

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At the final room before reaching a tomb there will be a group of people that will thwart your efforts. If the tomb is for someone that worked for the Grand Navy (GN) then members of the Assassin Syndicate (AS) will appear because they were hired to steal the treasure. If it was for someone who worked for the AS then members of the GN will appear because they have orders to investigate and confiscate the tomb for any leads on members of the AS.

The tomb can also be for some random civilian in which case pirates will always spawn. There’s also a 50% chance pirates will thwart your efforts instead of the GN or the AS regardless of who the owner of the tomb is. Your interactions with them will be different depending on your reputation.

Reputation and Interactions

If you have a good reputation then you’re forced to let the GN take some of the treasure, but you can negotiate with them in order to get like 90% of the treasure instead of 50%. But if members of the AS appear then they’ll instantly attack you because they have an assassination contract.

If you have a bad reputation then you’re immediately attacked by members of the GN. But if members of the AS appear then you can either negotiate with them to get up to 90% of the treasure instead of 50% or attack them in order to get all the treasure.

If you have a neutral reputation then you can negotiate with everyone or fight them (except pirates).

All pirates immediately attack you regardless of your reputation as they want all of the treasure and not some.

How do you find a tomb?

Well they won’t be open like a cave as the owner of the tomb wouldn’t want anyone looting their stuff so you’d have to check the Agora News and see if it mentions anything about tombs. It would tell you that there are rumors of a tomb filled with riches in a specific island. After going to the island you can go ask around the locals to find the location of the tomb. There will be a new option when speaking to all npcs in an island with a tomb which will be “Have you heard the rumors?”, some npcs will tell you the location of the tomb while others will give you a bit of lore (whose tomb and why it’s there), this will be helpful in knowing who you might encounter in the final room.

Also depending on who died (how rich they were and where the tomb is located) the tomb will change. Early areas such as Frostmill will have low level tombs which means the tomb is overall smaller with weaker traps and a weaker final fight with less rewards. But end-game areas such as Ravenna will have higher level tombs.

What’s the point of doing this?

Well first you can get a badge for exploring every tomb in a server (some tombs can be located in the dark sea) and the “treasure” found in tombs will give the drops of a sealed chest without going through the pain of taking the chest to a shipwright. Chests found in tombs have a very high chance to give gems like a 1/3 chance and offer large sums of galleons. Could also drop unique weapons because the owner of the tomb was rich or was a blacksmith. Even technique scrolls and lost spell scrolls. As well as unique blueprints for ships.


This is a great suggestion, if just recommend adding a few more examples of traps

I really like this idea, though I’m not sure about having the gravy or the assassin syndicate take a portion of the treasure. Also, how would the negotiation system work? Would it be RNG? If so, the amount of treasure you’d get is based on luck.
I think it should just be that you fight the people guarding the tomb and then get access to all the treasure. Additionally, I think there should be 3 tiers for tombs: lvl 30+, lvl 70+ and lvl 120+. The higher the tier, the better the rewards. However, there would be an increased amount of traps depending on the tier + you would take more dmg from the traps at a higher tier. The NPCs at the end of the tomb should also increase in level.
Aside from that, it is a very good suggestion.

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Maybe level 20+ because that’s when you get stuck in the Frostmill grind

Yea, that could be a better way to let players have more fun early on.

I couldn’t come up with anything creative other than more potion rooms or possibly a trap with arrows that are infused with potions and maybe the regular ball falling from an elevated surface to crush the player.

I added it because imo your reputation should have a bigger impact on gameplay, plus I felt like it would be refreshing as it would make the game feel more alive.

It depends on your renown really, bc RNG would just suck.

It would work smth like this, depending on the tomb (as some are for higher levels being bigger with harder traps and more rewards) and depending on the players renown. So with higher renown (bounty or fame) the GN and AS would feel like you deserve a bigger portion of the treasure due to how powerful/helpful you are.

I forgot to mention there were lvls my bad.

Edited: I added the levels now ty for reminding me, you can find it at the How do you find a tomb? as the second paragraph.


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This wouldn’t work because you previously said how the gravy + AS were ordered to retrieve what’s inside the tomb. Them giving you a portion would be an issue with their ‘higher ups’ because they were meant to bring back all of the treasure.

Edit: also giving the player 90% would mean the GN + AS would only get 10%. I’m sure nobody on earth would make that bargain, just saying

:nerd_face: excuse me but this isn’t really earth if you think about it

. . . It literally is though. Like full on canonically. It’s like, just by definition earth, wdym.

The logic behind this is for the GN they already investigated the tomb before you and they only think 10% of the treasure has any leads because logically speaking you’re most likely to leave just treasure behind in your tomb rather than anything that could explain the identities of AS members.

For the AS they acknowledge your strength with how high your bounty is and decide that it’s not worth their lives.

The GN isn’t after the gold so my previous explanation makes sense for the bargain.

For the AS they know your strength and your bounty has to be high even for player standards in order to get 90% of the treasure, so think about it, if someone extremely powerful that could easily defeat you wants the treasure are u really gonna try to be greedy or just try to survive? And the AS were just hired so if they came back empty handed all they get is a smaller reward no punishments.

If the gravy wanted to get leads on some random AS joe shmoe, they could just investigate some recent assassinations. Looking inside a tomb of some random person just doesn’t seem like a grand navy thing to do. Additonally, why would the AS bury any of their members in a tomb to begin with? It’d be too expensive and not worth it in the slightest. I think of this idea as ancient tombs, where the person was entombed hundreds -possibly thousands- of years ago. Realistically, none of the treasure would have any leads at all if they were buried centuries ago.

They already do that.

They are basically the police of the AO universe and if someone from a mafia was to die wouldn’t the cops want to investigate their place of death and possibly anything they left behind for their descendants?

I never said they’re the ones burying them. The tombs I’m talking abt are personal endeavors meaning the owner of the tomb prepared it for themselves. Just look at the secret spot found in Redwake, it’s literally a tomb of a king.

This seems like fun, but not all caves should have traps, basically. Another idea is to add random-generating caves in some preset areas, making them feel like dungeons a bit!

So I guess that giant gaping dark tunnel we had to go through to reach the temple of poseidon wasn’t a cave… :thinking:

I’ve been caving and that tunnel is trash and doesn’t give that cool cave feeling in a realistic or fantasy sense.

Make us crawl through a space the size of our character with an inch of extra space to get to the top :pray:

The cave to get into Mount Othrys is imo the best cave in-game yet.

Ye crawling does sound cool, tho since I don’t do coding idk if that would be hard or easy to implement.

Oh ye, I just meant that tombs should always have traps, normal caves shouldn’t cause I don’t see a logical reason behind it.

Also idk if random generating caves (like the rooms are created by AI) would be easy to make hence why I suggested pre-set caves like underwater structures.