Ancient Kingdom Discussion (AO)

Another boredom post

Kingdoms in AO a will be a major part of the story and game overall, and although we probably won’t see them to early on I can’t wait to see them.

I’m just gonna dump a bunch of thoughts I have on them.

First off, I think there’s gonna be like 4 or 5 of these “kingdoms”, any more would make it a bit complex but I don’t know.

Second off, the physical kingdoms size.
I don’t know how big the islands that these things are on will be, my guess is those “4 times the size of alalea” islands Vetex hinted at, but the actual cities will probably be as big as Umber Keep would have been, I imagine these giant walls with more durability then 5 silent towers, tons of houses, shops, and then a giant main castle which houses the King, other royals, and maybe the curse vault deep below it?

Now, the security of the kingdoms. Of course the walls will be near indestructible, but the gates of the kingdom would probably be well guarded by knights as skilled and powerful as the Exiled, and the castle itself, well…
Summer hold is probably relatively small compared to these giant kingdoms, and it’s guarded by a level 500 fire master.
Going off of that, it’s safe to assume that not only would the king and the treasures within the castle be guarded by countless knights more strong then the exiled, and probably some wizards who could kick KDS’s ass, but I’m sure it would be guarded by atleast one curse user.
It’s also safe to assume the kings themselves would have a curse, and could probably one shot king David.

Last but definitely not least is curse vaults. Location of these would probably be either deep below the castle where the king lives, or buried beneath some remote island near the kingdom or on the kingdom’s island.

Security on these would probably be impenetrable (by the player Atleast), definitely guarded by multiple curse users and ancient magic users. I mean come on, there’s multiple magical cubes which can make someone as powerful as a fucking god in there.

oh also what the fuck do they trade the curses in there for? (In deals with other kingdoms)? Other curses? Ancient and lost magic scrolls? Valuables? Who the fuck would give a fucking sea curse for some gold and gems?

and last thing I swear, how did the peacekeeper delete all the curses in the war seas? Yeah he’s an unknown but still how the fuck did he defeat multiple armies of powerful magic users and curse users like bro what

anyways what do you guys think about the kingdoms


This is cool. I’m not surprised at all that the Peacekeeper could infiltrate the curse vaults. They raised a continent, they can destroy a thousand more.

True, he also raised the continent when he didn’t even have the absorption curse (I think)
But still fighting off possible dozens of curse users (who were already powerful before getting their curse) doesn’t sound easy even for a unknown

Ehhh… There is conflicting info.

The lore doc seems to suggest that The Peacekeeper raised the new continent Immediately after killing Durza, but Techlevel80 told me that they raise Magius sometime after gaining the Absorption Curse.

The latter makes far more sense for multiple reasons, so that’s what I’m going with.

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very sad and annoying to me, if the level cap is 1000 without like 10 friends who are max with curses solo players like me who have no friends will never be able to every do that.

I don’t think curses will be obtainable… but nonetheless, if you get an ancient or lost magic, just find some ppl in-game to raid a kingdom with you

Raid a kingdom and rob the kings personal treasures but robbing a curse vault would probably be impossible

It’d be cool to explore all the kingdoms, become really cool with them. Maybe have this relationship meter with em that gives you better prices or items to find in the shops or chests blah blah etc.

Maybe certain kingdoms you become enemies with will track you down whenever your in their territory or islands controlled by them

This is starting to sound like a suggestion that I made with the help of a few others

Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY love this suggestion, however, it just wouldn’t work. With the removal of dynamic NPC’s and the lore and limitation of islands, it’s he very hard to fit in variety amongst this idea. Also, if vetex still did manage to implment that feature, it would take away the spotlight from the main content of the game, PvP, lore/story, adventure, etc etc. still v cool tho

Haha. If the kingdom sends after you the same things they send after curse thiefs, you’re not making it out alive.

“No you cannot fight and win against what they send to deal with you, no I cannot say what of who.” -Techlevel80

One of the warring kingdoms sending 5 curses to your exact location after you killed one of their soldiers

They’re the main character :ok_hand:

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