Kingdom Specific Benefits

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In the War Seas, there will be warring kingdoms. Hurting one kingdom will get you hated by another. Likewise, it will also get you liked by another kingdom. Here are some basic features/benefits for taking sides:

  • Add kingdom specific reputation. The reputation would vary per kingdom and would be displayed as a small bar about the basic reputation bar. The lowest island reputation would be exiled while the highest would be respected. Being respected in one kingdom would potentially make you exiled in another. If you are exiled, you can still eventually be respected in that kingdom, but it would take an extremely long time (basically going from demon to legendary hero while having 20 criminal records).

  • Kingdom specific reputation would be affected by various things: It could be lightly influenced by doing small tasks like helping the kingdom’s economy grow by selling things from that kingdom, or it could be heavily influenced by participating in kingdom wars.

  • Having a high reputation in one island would make you get discounts, galleons, and other benefits.

  • Kingdoms would have their own armies. Similar to the AG in AA, you could join that army, which would affect your kingdom reputation. You can only be in one kingdom army at a time. Rising ranks and benefits are similar to the AG (basically hurt enemy kingdoms).

  • If you are in a kingdom’s army and your kingdom reputation is max, you could get a special reward (curses). That’s if Vetex makes curses obtainable which he probably won’t :cry:. You could also get lost spells, lost scrolls, and maybe primodial stuff.

  • If your kingdom reputation is neutral, but your level and bravery stat is high, kingdoms will attempt to buy you off.

  • If your part of the opposing army that’s against a kingdom (and your well known), the opposing kingdoms would hate you. You would have to pay more for things in that kingdom, that kingdom would place a bounty on you, and they would send their own ships and curse users against you.

Yes. I will ally to glue kingdom so when I turn into Grand Glue Royal Knight they give me Glue Magic scroll
10/10 you 3 have my vote.

Author wants a diplomatic system in-game, with rewards, wars and kingdom reputation.

My take on this:

I believe region wars were once planned, however, due to the removal of Dynamic NPCs I’m not sure if that’ll be possible anymore.
Since every kingdom will have an army. Vetex could shrug this off as “Lowers game performance, rejected.”
I like the idea of having an entire diplomacy system in-game.

We could have like 5 BIG kingdoms.

The biggest thing about this is how exactly the grand navy would be implemented as peacekeepers. Maybe there is two or three kingdoms separate from them that act alone while the rest of the territories are under Grand Navy jurisdiction. This system would still apply but one of them would be Grand Navy reputation.

One thing to also specify should be what happens to your overall reputation.


I think Grand Navy reputations should be your “base” reputation. Basically, the reputation that we have in WoM.

Grand Navy? More like cooler named AG.
I remember that GN doesn’t have that much power, so maybe it could just be considered another kingdom?
Maybe we could have kingdoms capturing islands too to increase territory, like a quest. Just like you could “protect” islands as AG in AA.

Clans should be able to integrate with kingdoms (however they won’t be able to join the army).

Like as mentioned, joining the army would be like joining the AG. Armies are basically their own clan.

Feels alot like conquer’s and Tyrant’s idea in Vetex’s trello ngl

Still, pretty unique. I like the thought of warring kingdoms, would def make the game more intresting

curses likely won’t ever be player obtainable

frankly they’re cooler in lore than they’d be for players

This is basically faction reputation from fallout new vegas

i dont think this is a good idea, if you make the rewards actually good practically everyone will have to grind a kingdom and if the rewards are subpar almost nobody will join a kingdom

Kinda hard to balance is what your saying.

I agree, it would be hard to balance. The loopholes, the exploits, and the toxicity that comes from this would be miserable. This community is already toxic as it is.

If you can find a way to balance it, I would vote for this without a beat

Its mainly based on npcs.

I mean, yeah. But you gotta have some sort of incentive

What do you think the incentive was to join the AG instead of having your own clan?

True. AG has safety perks.

But what I mean is to balance those perks. Like if your going to make a super OP perk, make the other kingdoms have more perks.

All kingdoms will have equal perks, but there could be small changes (like one kingdom could be based on technology, another on number of people, another on magic).


I just worry Vetex might make it too unabalanced

Like one kingdom could spawn 5 medium boats while another could spawn 2 strong boats.