And they all said Magic Size dosn't do anything



jesus christ wtf what’s the size on that thing

144 magic size is funny

we just need hover spells now

we can finally recreate ww2 japan nuking


Who needs to aim when you can hit everything at once


my friend is going to love this

hey whats the build to get this?

Hiroshima: magic sold separately


Now I’m wondering how massive that spell will be at endgame Arcane Odyssey

A maxed endgame magic size set + Ultimate Art version of the Pillar Explosion

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bassicaly this but bigger and it make everyone on range crash

Tactical nuclear bombs be like:

is that an esp i see

bro. that first shot looks lit

yea its party esp

Dang remind me to do a magic size build.

tbh it dosnt do dmg but you can make a size/power/defense build his is just all size

and how exactly is that allowed?

so you create a party, you invite somebody to it and if they join you will always know their location.

Bursting sunken armor, bursting dull magic size amulet, strong dull magic power amulet, strong wizard hat :nod: