Announcing my non-traditional Forum ARG Event! (Yes there are prizes)

Alrighty, so after looking through more of @Crimsonpants work,
Kreel likely went insane in the dark sea, or at least wasn’t of sound mind before he went overboard.

“Still, I can’t look at the earlier pages…I miss Kreel horribly, and everytime I see the words he wrote my heart aches fiercly” - Larnus Bronze

However from this we can find that he likely experienced something earlier in the journey before he went insane. This and his diary will likely come up again in this ARG.

“That woman we picked up from Frostmill…she’s just staring into the fog…she says sometimes, she can see large shadows moving within.” - Larnus Bronze

No, next Monday, the 29th, is when I plan to have enough stuff done to actually start it. If I started it now it would be too sporadic when the next clues and chapters came out.

I do want to point out, that is a draft. This only matters because the chapter 2 perspective character fills the same role, but his name isn’t Larnus Bronze now. This has no bearing on the ARG I just decided to change the name up to sound nicer.


Begging is probably due to insanity, and they see a monster or something.

what if “It burns” refers to the insanity damage? I seem to remember insanity having some flame like effects which could convince Kreel that they were burning? This could also link into the “boiling” part.

All I have on what I have dubbed “Item 3 - Kreel’s Secret Certificate” (None of this is meant to solve a specific puzzle just to add to the info we currently have)

And this is all I have on Kreel

The death was due to drowning.

Some redwake dialogue that might be relevant to the ARG:

Since Kreel is possibly from Redwake with the logo on the death certificate, he might have been part of a Sharkara that has gone wrong, where they bit off more than they could chew.


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After trying my best to interpret the scribbles on the preview, here’s my interpretation of what they say.

“It burns”
“Why me”
“XXX they leave” - Need help with this one
“why can’t I save anyone?”
“Mother I’m sorry”

I wonder if this is Kreel’s last thoughts before death? If so then, “It burns” is a curious message to show up for someone who drowned? Then again, this might just be further quotes from different characters.


Confirms that Kreel is related to the orange message then?

Possibly? I still think other characters are on the table as we don’t have enough clues yet.

Maybe he jumped ship because he was feeling guilty about some of his crew members dying.

Update, this is now available, Please stop by and enjoy if it interests you! I’ll be posting new chapters over time to try and make this an event that lasts until next week!"