Anti-mage clan is real!1!


i talked to one of them and I asked them questions on warlocks

warlocks are fine if they are 150 str/100 magic, and the magic and fighting style don’t matter

Mages aren’t what they used to be

Sure they were annoying but I’m not seeing as many as there used to be

Me making another mage file because I want to use Equinox magic

You know this whole game is supposed to be based off of magic, and AA had magic as the only viable way to fight enemies and players

I feel like there’s something wrong with these guys

these guys have the right idea im joining

equinox will probably not be obtainable (mf erased an entire kingdom with a single attack)

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lorewise they make a little bit of sense, magic is a plague on the world, it is the reason why humans can only live in sea clusters like the war seas… but at the same time it doesn’t, every single one of them has a high ammount of magic energy to reinforce their body, even if it doesn’t look like so, they are still humans, and need body enhancing skills of mana to be so strong

→ Apocalypse Bringer

If we let DC dictate whether or not an ANCIENT magic was obtainable or not, then we’d have quite a few less ancient magics taken off before the whole list was archived in some other Trello.

(they don’t realise that all builds subconsciously use magic :new_moon_with_face:)

Anti-Magic groups when a curse user appears (they aren’t awakened)

Literally throw sea water at them

that’s cause they’re apparently not meta anymore

Nerds switching off of the meta


metamancers when the next patchnote comes out and their build isn’t suddenly isn’t the most optimal anymore:
(they’re gonna have to delete their file and start over again for the 69th time)

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Honestly I’m gonna just stick to mage

I like playing it the most and i feel i play it the best

So what? pulsar isn’t a free 500 damage?

Too bad. I have wind pulsar. It’s a control tool now.

knight players not caring for the meta and being fully aware that vitality is the worst stat in the game (they await the day they can use spirit weapons)

knight players when spirit weapons come out and they aren’t able to dual wield spirit weapons and normal weapons (it would be unbalanced as fuck but epic)

nah knights can be scary sometimes i got my ass kicked by one of them

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Knights are actually pretty good rn, best part is, they can only get better from here