Any theories about the second Bronze Sea baron?

Could’ve been internal damage/organ scrambling due to the cliched complexity of spatial magic in the fantasy genre, since as far as I can tell from his corpse, he seems mostly intact and without any external wounds. Or, as prisoners and human experiments, their bodies are probably in a severely weakened state, to the point that him using such powerful magic was too much for him.

So yeah, this is definitely a viable theory, in my opinion.

The order let the others escape as an expieriment.

Hmm, like, to let us go out and realize our full potential, or something?

Wasn’t Calvus against that? Like, damn near fearful of that happening?

But then again, it could be possible. Like, they want to study how we grow and change once we’re free, or something.

or then re-capture us as now we are stronger with new expirements ready to test

True enough, and hell, perfectly doable for them, I’m sure. After all, Calvus was the first of six High Lords in the game. I’m doubtful he was one of the stronger ones. Willing to bet one of the other High Lords would be perfectly capable of subduing and capturing us in order to subject us to further experimentation.

Calvus only lost because he didn’t have a curse, I’m sure the other lords have a curse which is why Calvus wanted the death curse. If he had a curse only our magic would be able to hit him (maybe spirit weapons idk much bout that but we haven’t awakened as a savant)

The other high lords later we may be able to beat as we get stronger but in that moment yeah they would solo us if it was them not calvus

:face_holding_back_tears: we literally have magic inside of us allowing us to win

Six not four

Dawg thats the opposite of a shounen protagonist

There are no emojis to convey this emotion. So, Shinji Chair.

Corrrrrrect. I swear my memory fails me on the stupidest things.