Any tips on exiled/ crown farming?

I am a level 90 plasma user with strong oath, swift exiled boots, keen exiled helm, and clean iron chest with a casalain shield. I want some tips with exiled so i can improve my skills on getting its boss drops. Also I want to get max crowns, ill even use an alt for it. Tips?

do hero storyline and keep the last mission (talk to exiled), it pinpoints the boss’ location and you can farm it if you’re friendly rep below

as for crown farming, use an alt to redeem the crown codes and trade them to your main

why is this in introduce yourself?

I have my alt already and aside the codes is raiding silent good?

I tell my gear and magic

bro, thats more like showcasing

Tips for exiled: attack only after he attacks, if you just aimlessly spam then you’re better off trying to get a mino tracker. The only move you need to look out for is Raging Storm, so try to be pretty close to him so he’ll be less likely to use it. At mid range is when he’ll use it probably the most. The only two moves side from RS you’d have to worry about is his massive spherical AoE move (what the wiki calls “Heavy Swing”). Other moves are either easy to dodge or do little damage. For Heavy Swing I just suggest dodging if possible but it’s one of the easiest moves to block imo so that is also an option.

tldr; attack only after he attacks and stay relatively close

Tips for crowns: alt farm. Get on alt, use all the codes, send the crowns to your main, delete that file, make a new one and repeat. Can take like 3 minutes but it depends on the person, it’s really quick though. You can get to max crowns after like 3-5 times depending on what codes you use.

Thank you for the exiled attack pattern so its like minecraft pvp. Also is silent tower good if I dedicate a slot to?

w h a t

no, not at all, I don’t PvP on minecraft so what do I know.

yeah gonna need some clarification on that; what do you mean by that?

make another file and redeem more codes

boss hunting gives a bit of crowns. silent raiding is more of a sport if anything

Like i have a goal to be a demon on a slot so if i raid the personal storage of everywhere and kill guards for the yield. Minecraft pvp is currently just shield until your opponent strikes

Oh. But it would help with my demon run

farming exiled at a bad rep can help

Yeah but i am garbage at hitting g I always input it too early

you should farm exiled constantly to get better

I am its just the attack im using 14 bursts as main damage

you shouldn’t use anything that leaves you too open for vulnerability. 2-4 blasts is the consensus of the most efficient damage you can deal to an opponent

Ohhh ok thanks

  • Someone who doesn’t use anchors or crystals

Nor tridents, nor gaps, nor pots apparently

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