Anybody got a clan that isnt super edgy and not hella toxic?

Title, Im bored of playing alone :frcryin:

Both I’m in, Blue Moon and Roselight, aren’t toxic really at all. At least from the minor experiences I got in both communities. Roselight is definitely the more well known of the two and I don’t think they are actively seeking recruitment or anything. That being said I don’t think they’d object to someone else joining cause it’s just another person. If you want to actually join a guild then, of the two I suggested, Blue Moon is your best bet.

Ive heard of roselight but not blue moon, could you show me a pic of their logo?

taken from discord server icon so not that big or anything but this but with a transparent background. I’d get in game to show it but I’m too lazy.

Are they open for people to join?

I think so :fr:

You got their dis code or whatever they call it?

I’ll DM ya

join my clan :gun:

we are minuscule

We lost one to the clans :pensive:

Stay strong rogues, we don’t need to be apart of anything to have fun

Playing solo is literal hell, Im never playing solo again

Smh you fell off

Just like your grandmother, hahaha im so funny :nod:

jokes on you I was too young to remember anything about her so idc

grand navy

true all GN members are lonely, seems to translate to irl too

they dont have it as bad as the assassin syndicate

syndicate doesn’t tend to flood w full mage squads on one dude, gn are freaks about it too I’ll join a serv and i’m instantly getting posted in reinforcements channel

syndicate are all pussies, they keep running from anyone that tries to kill them

ironic bro :rofl: , syndicate can def be weird but gn players are actual scum 9 times out of 10 and tend to be some of the worst PvPers you will ever see , reinforcements channel in gn disc is actually just a wall of shame