Ao 2nd QnA key points, answers, and important info

1:28 no planned seasonal events but def more in the future
2:40 lost magics will be obtained like lost spells (wont just be rng, tech says “let us cook”)
3:47 probably no rare weapons/abilities this update, but next one
4:40 someone will teach us how to waterproof spells in the future
5:16 man made magics exist and are learned similarly to lost spells
5:54 the ending for ao is already planned :eyes: - major bullet points for each sea
6:53 we will probably own personal skyships much later in nimbus
skyships wont have the same ship types as normal ships
7:28 roadmap is not exactly on point and updates are probably more delayed (expected lol)
7:49 updates after nimbus pt 1 will release as guaranteed monthly update(anything being worked on will be quickly finished and whatevers done will be released)
8:38 man made magics do not have curse variants
9:00 there will eventually be custom keybinds not soon though because of the ui work
10:23 arcanium weapons are imbued by a magic user
11:06 king calvus took the throne when he was 11 years old and revon was 3
12:24 vetex is most excited to release clan building because it gives more endgame activity, you can build towns, castles, and get resources from them - it will be made non pvp friendly as well
13:35 frigate will be level 180, around nimbus sea ending
14:18 blunderbuss will not be back because multishot from flintlock already covers it but bazooka may come back
14:42 more weapon types like scythes will be added but sometime after all the current weapon types have their skills finished
14:59 dark sea will not be a separate place like nimbus
15:58 ruby roger will be a reoccuring character (expected)
16:21 near the ending of the nimbus sea will be very interesting
16:40 grand navy is present in all seas (more control in some)
16:50 magic shield will be a lost spell
17:07 more fighting styles will be added as they get good ideas
17:19 voice acting wont be likely due to the amount of story (expected)
18:00 skyship battles might be a thing (they have an idea for them in the future) - there will be pve but unsure for pvp
18:40 more people will join the players group, you will meet the last 3 in nimbus
19:00 the red lightning in dark sea is imbued with a bunch of crazy energy (possible future lost magic?)
19:30 the main character, who they were and what they did is important for the story. there wont be a dedicated chapter but it is explored upon
19:50 figures from arcane adventures will be making an appearance
20:10 no more base magics/variations will be added
20:59 the random effects that intensity gives will be changed into jewel secondary effects (more reagents) and intensity itself will be changed to cooldown reduction
21:19 land animals and creatures is likely but in the far future (expected)
21:40 pvp toggle is not considered because its likely that most people will just turn pvp off and pvp becomes insignificant (this probably means pvp will be significant in the future somehow)
22:00 vetex hates making ui (lol)
22:30 first magics will be interchangeable but unknown when
22:45 vet wants to add horses for sameria but unsure how they will work
23:00 rip paper and ink you will be missed :pray:
23:27 bosses will be more interactable with stuff like parkour
23:37 mobile and console are both no longer considered due to the amount of work required (rip my epic design)

24:00 more testers arent needed
24:15 private servers probably wont ever be made
24:56 spirit energy will be imbuable into magic, fs, and weapons, and savants will be able to dual-imbue (two at the same time on one ability?)
25:49 spirit weapons can be any object - upcoming storyline character uses a spirit bracelet as one - regular people cant control spirit energy - essentially revealed to be obtainable items that you cant change the attacks of (similar to normal weapons)
27:54 ship fighting physics is possible but probably wont be added because theres very little use - youll probably stop your ship anyways
28:16 whip/chain weapon is possible but needs a modeler
31:30 possible gamepass in the future that boosts you to a high level and gives you items and skips some of the story. (with different level stages)
33:23 “a lot of lost magics will be really cool”
33:35 wood is underrated “specifically something in the future” (life magic?)
34:25 will more characters get sea curses on our team? tech: “YES.”
35:12 voice chat will be added if you can disable the mute bubble from showing all the time
36:40 the main character technically has no “backstory” because they are supposed to be YOU, and your actions through the story build the backstory of your character. - but minor details like where they are from will be introduced
37:30 tucker was ‘special’ like the player and morden are - maybe more since he was possibly experimented on more - sadly nothing much more so he probably wont be revived or anything
38:25 more stats like armor piercing and regen will be added as time goes on
39:17 wom’s supposed story is a spoiler for ao - the endings are similar
(theory: maybe the disappearance of magic? or curses since the pk is in wom)
40:26 the 4th sea placeholder name is the aegean sea, but tech first said azure
41:59 the plan for the dark sea is an update after each sea’s story is finished. - new items, places, etc
42:46 there will be more stuff/lore added to blasted rock, maybe in full release
couple things will be added on full release “make sure to LOOK” - tech
44:50 a bunch of lost magics will be added at a time when they first release
new lost magics will be added regularly
selectorch leaks his desktop at 45:52 lol
48:08 cooking will be expanded upon in the future
48:50 sameria panorama
49:43 in vimir sea jotunheim will be twice as big as sameria
50:20 ult arts will get better effects as their spell tier increases, no cutscenes since its jarring for battle
50:56 hard to hear but SHURA WILL BE BACK YESSIR
51:03 more epicenter content will be added “its gonna have some demons there” - tech
52:50 they have plans for legendary beast atlanteans…
53:50 dark sea probably wont be incorporated into the story because lore wise no one goes in there
55:00 legendary weapons will be balanced with ancient magics and upgraded lost fighting styles
57:36 animal bosses probably wont be a thing at least for the main story
58:15 dialogue stats (f9) might be in the story some way, but not a major part
59:50 corsair county is basically a kingdom
1:03:00 instrument weapons “some day”
1:03:50 nimbus sea been rough, hopefully can release this month
1:04:50 “who knows what happened with that” (revon)
1:05:20 vet wants each build to have unique sensing abilities, some dealing with ghost ships and legendary ships (not dark sea ghost ships) - planned for full release
1:06:40 max level for nimbus pt 1 will be around 132
1:07:30 king arthur is cursebeard (i knew it hahaha take that dark sea ghost lore discussion)
1:07:49 full release will not wipe files
1:09:10 flaunts might not make it :sob:
1:09:35 magic m1 showcase
1:10:27 vet’s cutlass is the new boss drop
1:10:50 renown reset lol
1:11:00 random spawning bandit camps and stuff is part of kingdom alignments idea
1:11:57 old aa ultimates will “kind of” be lost spells (likely just more customizable)
also magic m1 damage is shown here
1:12:50 flight spell will come back but differently
1:14:20 main character’s canonical build is lightning savant
1:15:00 maybe more stealth missions like talos
1:16:00 elysium will be used to host official tournaments which give in game rewards
1:17:33 crew fighting probably wont ever be a thing but stationing npcs on claimed islands is an idea
1:18:08 bounty rivals will pretty much always be equal to you in power, getting lost spells and stuff - in the future they also might form groups and raid you, taking the island that you control
1:19:13 there is one more organization planned that the player is able to join (like the gravy and asscat) - same group that runs the agora “trust me they are really cool” - vet


Thank you for listing this all out maple! Going to take my time looking through all this goodness :mariomug:


The clueless mage when I whip out a lamppost (It’s actually my spirit weapon)

Mages hitting up their homeboy Not Vetex for some aether lightning

The scythe makes its (eventual) grand return, shadow conjurers are gonna love it


I will use a torch as a spirit weapon >:)
(I have a torch imbued with the power of Selectorch)

1:14:20 main character’s canonical build is lightning savant

Didn’t Tech suggest that idea and Vetex just went “I don’t know?” I’m assuming Vetex has a deeper voice than Tech and Selectorch though.

I do wonder how spirit imbuement will work with magic outside of imbuing your magic into your spirit weapon(s)

yea but tech is the main lore writer alongside vetex so im going with what he says if vet doesnt answer

oh (10 characters)

He also said something about a pity system. So we have the current planned route of sealed chests and maybe now some other methods like from a quest chain similar to the assassin lord’s in tiberia

“There is a character who has a Spirit Weapon as a bracelet.”
Stares at Iris’ Vermillion Bracelet

There’s already 4 in our group including the player, so 7 total? Hopefully they’ll be able to balance the screentime of everyone…

If radius fist is still a planned fighting style, then maybe Freedrock will be one of them? And I dunno if the timeline will line up but maybe Averill will pop up too since he’s doing his circumnavigation of the planet atp

:poggerfish: :poggers2:

Its interesting. I mean, its 1 MC and then 6 other characters.

AO so far has a rule of 6. The 6 Warring Seas, 6 High Lords of the Order, 6 Corsairs. There might be more cases like this.

But you know… a group of seven in this case might be a big red flag if theres a consistant rule of six…

Someone’s gonna die.

Man I hope it’s Iris

If you ask me though, Im gonna predict that Shura is actually gonna be one of the other three characters joining our team.

Something about that character does seem to fit the main group… something something about the main group seemingly being a group of outcasts so far, and Wandering Ronin possibly connecting to that theme.

Didn’t wotan?

didnt we kinda steal it from her…

does she still wear it after frostmill?

oh she does, interesting

dont think it’ll be her tho, maybe too much giving her flare and spirit weapon at the same time

Hey, if these characters are with us in the long run, she gotta get buffed in the long run if she wants to keep up…

Also, shes kinda the one character that kinda matches the description. I mean, that bracelet looks important.

so real

Thank you Techlevel.