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TIL @AMultiversalEntity swears.

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I know that I’m a tad bit picky, can you change my name from C00kie God, to Cookie God? XD

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No, because of this:

I thought that you were implying that you wanted me to wait, but I’ll add it now if you want.


Sure, I wasn’t trying to come off as rude, sorry if I did.

No, it’s okay. It was my fault for forgetting about the “Work in Progress” label.

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Nobody is perfect, take your time.

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Thank you for implementing it! I’m so sorry that I didn’t clarify.

dead chat lmao

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Equippable magics/fighting styles (feature)

Instead of losing your magic by choosing a magicless build, you would be able to equip/unequip a magic or fighting style in the menu to make more room in your hotbar. You’d only be able to equip 3 magics/styles at a time, though you can own up to 5.

Dragon Blade (weapon)

Rarity: legendary
Level: 300+
Type: katana

The Dragon Blade is a cursed katana once wielded by a sword master who could cut down entire armies in one slash. Right before dying, he cast a spell to contain his soul within the sword, sealing its power in fear that someone would find it and cause chaos.

The Dragon Blade has three modes; Sealed, which only a small portion of its power is used; Awakened, in which it uses half of its power; and Enraged where it unleashes its full power.

Sealed skills:
Cruel Strike: Dash a moderately far distance and strike your opponent, dealing heavy damage. Similar to Durandal’s dash attack. Replaces Flash Strike.

Fatal Swipe: A large version of the regular spin attack, also deals far more damage.

Furious Cutter: Move forward while spinning the sword, with potential to deal powerful damage if all the slashes hit.

Quickdraw: Draw the blade and slash, dealing moderate damage. This attack has almost no startup time and ignores the weapon equip animation. Replaces Flying Slash.

Impaling Strike: Dash forward and stab your opponent, then swing the blade to the right, dealing heavy bleed damage.

Awakened skills: (requires 900 weapon points to use)
By pressing F, you can switch to awakened mode which uses more energy, but has stronger skills. The switch is indicated by a shockwave and the sword emitting a red-and-pink energy that has shadow-like effects.

Judgement: Similar to Flash Strike, but leaves behind 8 slashes rather than a single one.

Execution: Charge up with a red-and-pink glowing aura, then dash into an opponent, striking them several times.

Storm of Blades: Unleash a tornado that can be placed which hits several times while pushing enemies upwards. Also inflicts stackable bleed.

X-Slash: Two quick slashes with near-instant casting speed.

Dread Strike: Teleport to an opponent and swing down, dealing immense damage. Has a long startup time.

Enrage: (Requires 1250 weapon points to activate)
This mode can be activated like an aura spell by pressing X. Lasts for up to two minutes before rebound. While active, the user’s eyes glow and pink and red flaming horns appear on their head.

Dragonfire Slash: Slash and release a pink fireball that shapes like a dragon head which explodes and deals heavy damage over time.

Cutting Frenzy: A red sphere with a 20 meter radius appears around the user and one second later, anyone caught inside is frozen while the area is filled with slashes, dealing powerful damage.

Six Deadly Strikes: Swing the sword six times, each doing heavy damage and bleed stack.

Decimation: The user charges this skill for three seconds, and grows two pink flaming wings, then dashes and slices the target, cutting them in half if it kills them. If casted in the air, fly for a short time and create a large explosion on impact.

Ultimate Art:… Red Dragon! Summons the soul of the Dragon Blade, appearing as a flaming red serpent-dragon. The dragon dashes where the user’s mouse is pointed, and if it hits an enemy, the dragon rises up, and falls down, dealing extreme damage and causing a massive explosion that does less damage.

Rebound If you didn’t kill an enemy with a similar power level to yours within the two minutes Enraged mode was active, you will take a lot of damage and your insanity level rises by three for 30 seconds.


it should be a greatsword or broadsword

I thought it would be cool if it was a katana though


prism magic

because rainbows.

description: a fusion between crystal and polychromatism magic, resulting in special stones that seem to channel light energy in a way that causes them to unleash incredibly vibrant and destructive energy as they travel through the air and explode in a flurry of light when they hit the floor or collide with things.



Opinions on heart shaped blasts for the cute animation pack?

kill them with kindness love :heart:

The stained, brutal power of friendship and emotion.
(Not a Calamity mod reference)

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