AO Ideas Trello

Iron leg: tartarus style

(for the missing one on the hot end)

Better fighting styles
Body Modifications


Blox fruits in AO :flushed:

basic combat is basic
like blox fruits is
thought itd be fitting to pair em up

Blox odyssey

this idea sucks but it would be funny to use an umbrella as a weapon lmao

Warlords/conjurers would eat good if it dropped


clarification: you gain ghostly effects, not “attack with ghosts”

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Hollow knight moment?!?

this idea might not be the best but I like scorch magic and I wanted to make like the equivalent of the triasta but for scorch

this ones for the lols
(mr. sticky’s crossing his arms by the way cause it’s cool)

hellsprite magic is cool
also ive got a faction idea
Dark Sea Cultists
Those who worship the Dark Sea and its mystical properties join this group. They like to “protect” the dark seas from The Explorers, attacking them often

Someone bringing up my old lost magic suggestion actually gives me whiplash :face_holding_back_tears:

hey hey crimson remember this?

Nahh my old icons looked ugly asf what the helll it’s literally just gray fire :skull:

I might just come back to this uhhh yeah.
Also could someone archive the Eric boss and Caitlin mentor. Imma rework them.