AO on the top?

There was something like this a couple months ago (in July) could AO ever reach the front page? From all the sneakpeaks its looking pog champ

AO bloxy pog?

Gotta hope :mariomug:

Didn’t WoM reach the front page in top rated once? Or at least that’s what I heard

I think it did when it was released but idk

I could easily imagine AO getting front page with it’s claim of being AA’s successor alone, since it actually looks like it’s promise. However, there would be less people as WoM didn’t deliver and already hyped people up. However, AO seems to be well made and packed with content, so maybe there’s a chance. I hope clan-folk don’t bully all the children though.

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lmao don’t get your hopes up (we totally gonna)

Wom was on the most engaging page for a while. But man it’s gonna blow up like crazy.


Also when guild update dropped it had like 5k players. People from AR gonna jump on this game too and new people. holy moly I’m looking forward to it

Intense bloodlust noises

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This also means that visan might be dethroned sometime soon if someone good enough comes in.

Imagine needing Durza when you could use the AR community.


I’m confident AO will appear on the Top Rated and Adventure tab since WoM has been there before

I’ll bet AO will be one of the top games to be published to roblox in a while.

(could u imagine if AO got like 100k players on it’s release, holy shit)

unless all the popular roblox youtubers do a video on this game then i highly doubt that ao would even get 30k players

I don’t want shitty youtubers doing videos on AO. (cough russo and his video on world of magic)HE CALLED IT A FUCKING SIMULATOR


how dare he

understandable tbh