AO-Related Informational Document Polls (Plus mini trivia section.)

Most people probably recall my random informational posts, guides, and documents relating to information in WoM. Well, I’ve decided I’m doing it for AO. First off, a question:

Do you like reading my informational posts and documents?
  • Yes, they’re useful to me in some way or other.
  • Yes, they’re not useful for me, but they’re interesting to read.
  • No, the information is pointless and a waste of time.
  • No, I have no interest in this.
  • Other

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Next, pick what information you want me to collect make documents for. It’s not gameplay-practical, but fun.
By the way, the forum can help me do these (because they’re very tiring to make). I’ll make a post when I start working on them and people can help me out by commenting on these posts.

What information do you want me to collect?
  • Deckhand Titles
  • Regular NPC Names (First and Last, excluding NPCs with separate name pools like crews and Ravenna soldiers. Includes stuff like bounty hunt NPCs, castaways, and more).
  • Ravenna NPC First Names
  • Redwake Warrior Names (The crew)
  • NPC Ship Names
  • Underwater Structure/Diving Spot Names
  • Treasure/Sea Chart Signer Names, Titles, and Adjectives
  • Deckhand Spawn Locations (apparently nobody has compiled these yet)
  • Evolution of Bounty NPC Appearances Across Phases (If you didn’t know, bounty NPCs follow outfit themes, according to the wiki. This will label what accessories the NPC can have each phase based on their outfit theme, images included.)
  • Other (Comment)

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Also, should I update my hair and accessory log documents to include new additions I found/AO hairs and accessories?
  • Yes
  • No

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Lastly, some random information I have about AO:

  • The amount of shark spawns from underwater structures seems preset, with the sharks having respawn timers. This needs more confirmation before I can declare this for certain.
  • In WoM, NPCs could not have eyes with unibrows. They can in AO. AO npcs also use several new hairs (like mohawks, balding hair, and several more).
  • Merchants have access to special eyes and mouths most NPCs cannot spawn with. Most notably the ‘Chill Smile’ mouth.
  • Your rival’s max hp changes every respawn, and so do their move settings and names if they use fighting styles or magic. It is unknown whether rivals can relocate their stats every respawn. Weapon rivals do not appear to switch their weapon loadouts, however.
  • Sometimes, when an NPC teleports back to their spawn point, they will be stuck in an animation other than their idle (like running, falling, or swimming).
  • If an NPC dies after being freed from jail before teleporting back to a regular bounty spawn on another island (ie they’re still at Silverhold in their prison outfit), they will not respawn. This is equal to an execution. Do not kill, or let other people/NPCs kill, bounty NPCs in prison if you want to make them your rival.

An updated accessory and hair log would be immensely helpful for anyone who wants to do anything with AO character models. Your hair log in particular has been extremely helpful in my recent project.

Yeah, I figured it would be useful for making AO characters. I haven’t been able to find many of the UGC hairs or accessories, but perhaps I’ll ask the rest of the forums to help find things like that.

AO’s tailor lacks the IDs though, so I’ll have to figure out what to do about that.

which ones are you missing? i can try to find some

Thanks. I’ve been updating my hair and accessory logs with the new ones I found, I’ll make a post soon once I finish with both the updated version and which ones I still need.

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