Somewhat Large-scale AO Data Gathering Project - Community Contribution and Overall Description Post

As stated in this post, I have decided to start working on compiling more data from the game. However, doing this alone will be very time consuming, as it was with WoM. As such, I’m requesting the forums for help.

As for how, it is simple:
Post pictures of any of the following below for me to transcribe the information from:

Castaways, Merchants, and ship npcs that have names (aka not stuff like “Marine”, “Rookie Pirate”, or “Acolyte”)

Bounty Huntable NPCs with full body, name, and level visible, including rivals (not ones in jail or execution)

Treasure chart or sea chart text

Names of underwater structures found using sea charts (preferably with what type of structure it is, ie ruins, shipwreck, or fossil)

Names of NPC ships of any kind, with faction icon visible

Names of ravenna soldiers other than ensigns

Names of redwake warrior crew members

Deckhands with the name, full body, and title visible

By the way, I’ll be leaving the document links here too. That way you can see the progress on each.
Please note that the documents are still in a Work-in-Progress state. They will take much time to complete due to the tedious nature of collecting the data for them.
Documents will be prioritized based on poll results from my poll.

Bounty NPC Outfit Evolution By Phase and Theme:

Deckhand Titles:

Treasure/Sea Chart Flavor Text and Full Signer Names, Titles, and Adjectives:

Underwater Structure/Diving Spot Names and Types:

Regular NPC Names and Surnames:

NPC Ship Names:

Ravenna Soldier and Redwake Warrior Crew Names:

Special thanks to these people for providing substantial information to the completion of these documents:
@/RedNinja @/hanmbi @/Seba-chan


For the easter event i was noting shark spawns and chest amount, to find places that had larger than normal sharks.
All of these listed places have no shark spawns other than normal sharks.
When there is “Shark” in the name of the structure, it means it’s a shipwreak. The other names are straight forward, compared to where they belong group wise.

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Thanks, I’ll go log the names of these structures down.
I think most underwater structures have randomized shark spawns, only the number of sharks stay the same

Might be true, i listed this information so one could cross check if amount and shark type was consistent or random, but yes in my own experience amount of sharks seem to be consistent

Yeah I was farming sharks for the egg too, and this one structure had a constant amount of 5 sharks cause I was trying to get the egg from them for a while.

But you did figure out that the egg can’t drop from normal sharks?

Yeah I found that out after spending a couple hours going around killing them

Well atleast you figured it out, without wasting days, only a few hours

funny enough, before joining the forum, i made an entire google docs page on what the treasure charts were, what message it said and by who it was written, at that time i dident realise they were randomly generated

here is link: Arcane Oddesey Treasure Charts - Google Docs

That’ll save me the time of gathering the text at the top and also get some of the names, thanks. I assume sea chart and treasure charts use the same pool of names, titles, and adjectives, though obviously the top text is different

well i dident locate the sea charts because they werent in the game at that time and each server had seperate sea charts

i did encounter 3 different diving spots
a small square diving spot resembeling an underground ruin (hazards: sharks and those spiked plants that give poison)
a purple crystal-infested cave (hazards: everything listed above, could probably have more
and a diving spot with ‘pillars’ at the side, a shipwreck in the middle and jellyfish (hazards: everything listed above and jellyfish)

I could eventually make a underwater structure image reference too, but those would require actual photos of each type of structure (I believe vetex said there’s about 30 different types of underwater structure?)

dang, and there is even the possibility of each one of them being ever so slightly different, i cant do that sorry, anyways, did the link help? or couldnt you open it?

It did help, and I’ll add the treasure chart names and text to my own doc when I begin working on it tomorrow.
I didn’t have time to play AO today so I didn’t make my documents yet

so… we just post screenies of stuff in here? or do we gotta DM u

get info

i have screenshots but where do i put them

Lke this?

well yes, or you can make an entire elaborate google docs about it documenting every deckhand and castaway youve met

(also @Catean i found a deckhand called walter)

on it, i got just got lots of shots for bounties, deckhands, castaways
I’ll just make a file in a public google drive… will edit once it’s done(litterally just shove stuff in)

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In my experience most of the shipwreaks were not unique, and would have around 3-5 base models, whilst the amount of chest spawning was the only variable.
All of the ruins are different in my experience though, at least the city ruins, not the temple ruins.
The volcano and crystal structures would differ slightly but would mostly be the same.